These Are The Best Online Courses to Take in Self-Isolation

17 May 2020
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Head (virtually) back to school with Harvard, Yale and more

In the time of self-quarantine – the bizarre COVID-19 era we’re all existing through – silver linings are harder and harder to come by.

But self-isolation doesn’t have to be all Netflix and Animal Crossing. The rise-and-rise of virtual education is a totally real thing, and, in the spirit of everyone staying sane in self-isolation, free online courses have been made available from the likes of Yale University, Harvard University and MoMA.

We think that squeezing in some upskilling to your quarantine schedule is an easy way to keep your mind sharp and resumé polished. All you need to decide is which class to log-on to.

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Allow Yale University to Make You Happier

Yale University recently made The Science of Well-Being – its wildly popular course – free to everyone.

Part self-care, part science of the mind, the program deep-dives into trends, research and misconceptions about happiness.

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Demystify Artificial Intelligence, Once and For All

Right now, most of what you hear about AI might be centred around either a future dystopia, or a pessimistic outlook about jobs becoming automated.

In reality, AI is a tool that’s ready to be used, practically, on personal and industrial levels to make things quicker and smarter.

The Elements of AI is a course presented by the University of Helsinki and industry leaders Reaktor, and explains artificial intelligence in a dead simple, easy-to-follow way.

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Learn COVID-19 101 from John Hopkins University

In the midst of a health crisis, it makes sense to learn from the best. John Hopkins is a world’s leader in medical research, and their free online course breaks down the epidemiology of viruses like COVID-19: how outbreaks are measured, how data analysis can paint clearer pictures for governments around the world, and what practices we can use to keep each other safe.

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Deep-Dive into Art with MoMA

If there’s ever been an opportunity to finally get your art muscles up to scratch, this is it. The Museum of Modern Art is a New York institution, and they’ve recently made a slew of online courses available for free. The program has plenty of artist and designer interviews, as well as extended lectures. We recommend starting with What is Contemporary Art – because, well, it’s as good a place as any to begin.

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Learn the Basics of Code from Google

In times of trouble, crafting something can be unmistakably therapeutic. And, if embroidery, art or puzzles don’t do it for you, taking up some coding isn’t a bad avenue of pursuit. And starting doesn’t need to be a dread-filled excursion through confusing coding language. This quick course from Google is something of a primer – treat it as an easy way to indulge your curiosity, before going all-in.

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