Watch: DJ Khaled Wants You To Stay At Home

12 May 2020
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The rapper has some coronavirus related advice

Former GQ Middle East cover star, DJ Khaled, is no stranger to an Instagram live and a catchphrase. He’s become an Internet icon thanks to phrases like ‘Bless up’ and ‘God is great’

Now though, in light of the coronavirus outbreak, he has ‘Another One’: Stay At Home.

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There have been over 4 million coronavirus cases worldwide, and currently, over 25 per cent of those cases have recovered, thanks in large part to almost everyone on the planet staying indoors.

DJ Khaled has decided to use his platform to promote that message and encourage everyone to do as he is doing and...yes, you’ve guessed it: Stay at home.

The UAE are still carrying out extensive tests but authorities have recorded 17,417 infections since the outbreak emerged. However, 25 per cent of people who have been tested positive for Covid-19 in the UAE have beaten the virus.

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Here, then, is a supercut of all the times DJ Khaled has told people to stay at home since the virus hit.

Who are we to disagree with DJ Khaled? And remember: stay safe out there.

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