At Last, There Could Be A Female Bond On The Way

14 June 2020
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And It looks like it will be 007’s daughter

After the recent revelation that the latest Bond film, No Time To Die, will see James Bond meet his daughter, it’s been reported that a Bond spin-off is in the works.

Bond bosses are reportedly in talks with British writer Phoebe Waller Bridge about a series on James Bond’s daughter becoming a spy.

Waller-Bridge, the mastermind behind hit UK TV shows Fleabag and Killing Eve, was brought in to help modernize the latest Bond script. Now, according to The Sunday Mirror, she’s being asked to work on a new Bond franchise.

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The Sunday Mirror said “Bond bosses are very excited about 007 having a daughter and creating a new franchise around her.

“It is likely to feature Bond conflicted over having to train her up as an ­assassin combined with Waller-Bridge’s ­trademark black humour, shown in Killing Eve.”

There has been intense speculation about the future of James Bond after Daniel Craig confirmed that this really would be his last outing as the British super-spy.

Pushed back until November, and beset by problems, including a change of director, No Time To Die will be the twenty-fifth Bond film.

People have been calling for a more diverse Bond for years, with Idris Elba and David Oyelowo among front runners to be the first black Bond.

This latest outing will, for the first time, feature a woman Double-0, as Lashana Lynch becomes the new 007, taking over Bond’s number after he leaves MI6.

Many fans had hoped this would mean a female James Bond but it’s since been confirmed that Lynch won’t actually be replacing Craig.

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Instead, we’ll have to wait to see what the brilliant Waller-Bridge can do with a spy-spin-off that could potentially deal with the fall out of Bond’s womanizing.

Keep up, 007.