A Lockdown Workout From The Man Who Trains Karim Benzema

03 May 2020
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Dubai-based celebrity trainer Coach Nic on how to burn calories and build muscle from home

While the Covid lockdown across the region might well be easing a little, there are still plenty of people that are exercising from the comfort of their own home. But even though more and more of us are reaching for the mat, the chances are that our workout just isn’t tough enough to keep us in shape.

“You’ve probably seen all kinds of home workouts on social media,” says Dubai-based celebrity trainer, Coach Nic. “But for a workout to help you both burn fat and gain muscle, it needs to be intense on the cardio, but also demanding enough on the muscles that they have to adapt – leading to a greater calorie burn at rest (increased metabolic rate).”

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Crucially, it’s what you do for the rest of the day that will really cement your calorie burn, too. “Try to get out twice a day for a walk or a jog (once in the morning, once in the evening),” says Nic, who’s trained the likes of Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, rapper 50 Cent, footballers Daniel Sturridge, Trent Alexander-Arnold and more. “This will help get your metabolism going and make you burn more fat throughout the day.

“Food can be an issue, too. A lot of people have been eating more, simply because they’re at home and are bored. While that’s understandable, be careful and try to track how much you should be having vs. how much you actually are having. If you want to lose weight, you need to make sure you eat less calories than what you are spending.”

When it comes the type of workout that works, Nic advises big compound moves that will use more muscles and be more demanding on your body. “These are the exercises that will give you more bang for your buck.

“There are different ways to split up your workouts, but I find that doing a different full-body routine every other day works really well for most people,” says Nic. “Make sure you take your time and feel the right muscles when doing the exercises. You’re only cheating yourself when you rush the workout.

“Finally, do your routine in the morning before you start getting busy with work. If you’re fasting for Ramadan then do it right before Iftar. That way it’s done and you can then relax and enjoy the day (or the food).

Coach Nic’s Big Home Workout

Instructions: Five minute warm-up with an on-the-spot jog and some stretching. Rest 30-45 seconds between exercises. Aim for 3-4 sets. Rest two minutes between sets.

-         Reverse lunges x 12 each leg

-         Push-ups x 12-15

-         Single leg hip thrusts x 10 each leg

-         Side plank x 30sec each side

-         Box jumps (on to a couch) x 10

-         Low plank to push up position x 10

-         Hip thrusts with feet on bench x 12-15

-         Lateral raises with water bottles x 12-15

-         Lateral jumps over bottle x 12 total

Don’t forget to do a cool down after your workout. Jog or walk for five minutes and stretch for another five minutes to finish.

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Coach Nic is a fitness trainer that has trained professional athletes and celebrities for 15 years. Follow him on Instagram and download a free copy of his new Ebook here.