How Gucci Is Changing Fashion’s Perspective

09 June 2020
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The brand is abandoning worn out fashion rituals

Fashion has been one of the most vulnerable industries to be affected by the Covid-19 outbreak as it relies heavily on the spending power of its customers. Fashion’s seasonal cycle was disrupted by the halting of supply chains, advertising budgets being paused and stores having to close. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The coronavirus has forced many luxury brands to rethink their operations and reevaluate their contribution to the industry. Despite uncertainty around markets slowly opening up again, one thing is for sure, many large-scale shifts have to take place in the industry.

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Just before the arrival of the novel coronavirus, Gucci put on a spectacular FW20 show, overturning perspectives by pulling apart the traditional structures that bind together a fashion show.

Fashion Shows

It all started with a WhatsApp message from the Creative Director, Alessandro Michele. At the show, guests entered at the rear of the usual show venue making their way through hair and make-up into the main show space. Guests were met by a twirling Gucci merry-go-round with post-hair-and-makeup models on display, getting dressed by stylists and Michele himself. It was about shifting the focus away from the idea of the lone creative genius and giving everyone access to the system.

The Fashion Schedule

The ever-faster fashion cycle has been unpopular for some time now, moving too quickly and burning through designers and vital resources. Michele recently announced Gucci's departure from fashion weeks as we know it. The brand will reduce its shows from five to two a year. He also wants to do away with the distinction between menswear and womenswear, and the traditional fall/winter and spring/summer seasons, making the brand's offering timeless.

‘The Ritual’ FW20 Campaign

In Gucci's FW/20 campaign, the brand keeps the narrative of democratising the fashion system as we know it. Instead of a big-budget fancy production and set, Gucci left the FW20 campaign shoot in the hands of its most trusted models and muses. A candid and very fitting concept to depict the time we're currently living in. The campaign brings to mind the power of social media and self-produced content. Self-expression has always been at the heart of the brand.

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Gucci’s influence is not just economic. Michele positioned the powerhouse at the progressive edge of fashion’s engagement with culture. This is just one of the reasons why the Italian fashion giant is by far the mightiest brand to come out in support of a move to a more efficient, less wasteful fashion system.