Hublot’s New Big Bang e Is A Smartwatch In More Ways Than One

03 June 2020
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A new connected watch has entered the chat

Two years after the launch of the Hublot Big Bang Referee at the 2018 World Cup (who remembers football?) the Swiss watch marque has returned with a second iteration of their smartwatch.

The Big Bang e was originally scheduled to launch at the Euro championships this summer know.

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Instead, like everything now, it was launched digitally, via a Zoom call.

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe was on hand to give us the ins and outs of a watch that, although certainly equipped with the software to make this a formidable technical timepiece, is even more focused on design than usual.

“This is a new generation of connected watch, one that was dedicated to football but also that had two versions. One in titanium and one in ceramic. The idea is to offer a Big Bang connected which still has the art of fusion, mixing materials like rubber and ceramic.”

New faces and dials allow for a perpetual calendar moonphase dial which tracks the movement of the moon as time passes.

“We like the perpetual calendar” says Guadalupe. “This is our interpretation of something that cannot be done mechanically.

There’s also a beautifully rendered GMT face, and a selection of eight specially designed faces (Happy Yellow, Magic Blue, Orange Dynamite, All White, Lucky Green, Magic Red, Rainbow Spirit and Black Magic) by artist Marc Ferrero. Every three hours the dial will change

Inside, the Big Bang e runs the latest Wear OS by Google, allowing you to do all the things you’d expect from a smartwatch, be it collecting messages, paying, screening calls, navigation, tracking your steps or just telling the time.

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Battery life, say Hublot, is one day. With a full charge taking just under 3hours. The battery is now removable which means that if it dies, you don’t need to replace the whole watch.

High end watch brands waded into the smartwatch market in response to the huge success of the apple watch. More and more though, when brands are running the same software, the USP becomes design and brand power. Hublot know this, and they also know that they aren’t in direct competition with apple. Instead they’ve made a watch that, yes, can be a digital life planner on your wrist, but looks the part, too.