The Hottest New Trainers In The World Are From…Lidl

01 July 2020
Sneakers, Trainers, Mesnwear, Lidl
The European supermarket has accidentally created hype-worthy sneakers

Queues at Europe’s budget supermarket, Lidl, are not uncommon, but if Twitter is anything to go by, people could soon be standing in line for sneakers rather than their weekly shop.

After an image of a pair of Lidl branded sneakers was posted to Twitter this week, users went mad for the shoe, which comes in a Lidl-brand yellow, blue and red colourway.

As with every hype trainer release, the secret ingredient is scarcity. And, as these sneakers are currently only available in mainland Europe (we found just a few pairs available on Lidl’s Belgian website) and there were queues outside Finnish branches, safe to say, they’re about to sell out.  Lidl say they don’t plan on producing them worldwide just yet, which means of you want a pair, you’ll need to book a flight. No problem there, then…


Meanwhile the sneakers, which sell for $17US, have proved so popular they’re now changing hands on eBay for upwards of $500US, proving that trainer reselling is now the only true recession proof industry.

If it seems mad that people would be willing to pay this far over the odds for supermarket sneakers, remember that there is a healthy market for anti-fashion brands (think Vetements IKEA bags).

Plus, if we’re honest, we don’t hate them. They’re simple, neatly designed and the colours pop. They remind us of mid-90s Reeboks, and that is no bad thing. Would we pay $500 dollars for them? No. But would we judge you if you did? Also no.