44 Iconic and Contemporary Arabic Films Now On Netflix

18 June 2020
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Image: Capernaum
You can now watch Capernaum, For Sama and a host of other Arabic titles at home

If, like us, you have all but completed Netflix during lockdown, you’ll be pleased to hear that the streaming service is releasing a catalogue of 44 critically acclaimed Arabic films.

The list combines cinematic masterpieces and work from rising contemporary stars of Arab cinema from the UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Algeria and Sudan.

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Top of the list for us is Capernaum, Nadine Labaki’s story about a Lebanese boy who sues his parents because of the life they’ve given him. Nominated for best foreign film at the 2019 Oscars and Golden Globes, Capernaum went on to win the Jury Prize at Cannes as well as a host of other awards on the film festival circuit.

Labaki, of course, also won our Woman of the Year award at the 2019 Men of the Year ceremony.

Her film will sit alongside Waad Al-Kateab; Hamza Al-Khateab; Sama Al-Khateab’s For Sama, Destiny (المصير) by Youssef Chahine, The Message (الرسالة) by Moustapha Akkad and 40 other films that represent Arab film making from all over the region.

“We want more people around the world to have access to great stories and have the chance to see their lives represented on screen.” said Nuha El Tayeb, Director, Content Acquisitions, MENA at Netflix, “We also believe that great stories come from anywhere and can travel everywhere connecting with audiences far beyond their place or language of origin.”

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The full list of films, which now includes some that were already available, is below:

  • Ali And Alia
  • Fan Of Amoory
  • Bilal: A New Breed Of Hero
  • The End
  • Wajib
  • In Paradox
  • Widdi Atkallam
  • Freej Al Taibeen
  • Match
  • Aerials
  • Grandmothers Farm
  • Grandmothers Farm Part 2
  • Heaven Without People
  • Beauty And The Dogs
  • The Other (El Akhar)
  • Destiny (Al Massir)
  • The Emigrant (Al Mohager)
  • Alexandria Again And Forever (Iskanderija, Kaman Oue Kaman)
  • Alexandria Why
  • Return Of The Prodigal Son (Awdet Al Ibn Al Dal)
  • Dark Waters (Siraa Fil Mina)
  • The Blazing Sun
  • The Land (Al Ard)
  • Saladin (El Naser Salah El Dine)
  • Cairo Station (Bab El Hadid)
  • Summer Thefts (Sariqat Sayfeya)
  • The City (Al Medina)
  • Mercedes
  • An Egyptian Story
  • Rock The Casbah
  • Stray Bullet
  • Zozo
  • Al Resala
  • The Message: The Story Of Islam
  • Lion Of The Desert
  • Kalek Shanab
  • 122
  • Sofia
  • Dachra
  • For Sama
  • Capernaum
  • Papicha
  • You Will Die At 20
  • A Son