Watch: Nouri Sings Your Tweets

30 May 2020
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The Kurdish chart-topper can get a tune out of anything. Even her Twitter feed

Nouri, singer and star of our last Instagram live joined us for a game of ‘sing your tweets.’

NOURI is going places. In 2018 the Syrian-born singer topped the charts in New Zealand, where she grew up, with her single ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’. The single went on to dominate the charts across the Middle East, scoring number ones in Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Kuwait.

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Her latest single, ‘Miss All Your Jokes’, is out now and is produced by a team who have worked with Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

But, away from the stage, the soundsystem and the backing band, Nouri’s talent, and that voice, is undeniable.

How can you tell if someone can truly sing? You ask them to sing a selection of tweets people have sent her.

We picked a selection of the strangest tweets Nouri has received, printed them out, dropped them into a bowl and asked her to select them at random.

It was then Nouri’s job to get a tune out of 280 characters or less. No mean feet given the absolute nonsense that can often make its way onto Twitter.

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Luckily, Nouri’s fans are, for the most part, articulate and polite, with just a few curve balls, and vegetables, thrown in for good measure.

Watch the video to see how she gets on and subscribe to our YouTube channel here.