The OPPO Find X2 Pro is as Powerful as it is Pretty

19 July 2020
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This 5G ready smartphone packs a serious punch

Phones used to be about contact: calling your friends to catch up, texting your parents to let them know you were running late.

Now they’re as much about entertainment as they are communication. Music, games and now films are the pillars by which phone is judged. From load time and storage space to screen resolution and frames per second, this little squared-off box has become a home entertainment system in the palm of your hand.

The OPPO Find X2 Pro is no exception. The Leading smartphone brand boasts impressive audio, visual and gaming capabilities, but let’s begin with how it looks.

The black ceramic case supports a 6.7-inch screen with built-in dust and water resistance and weighs 200g (think iPhone 8 territory). It’s a sleek design that can be complimented with a vegan leather panel on the back, should you wish.

Powering that sizeable screen is Colour Os, based on Android 10, and the phones 500+ GB memory gives you ample space for photos, videos music and downloads.

Speaking of videos, the OPPO’s ‘Ultra Vision Screen’ makes watching movies on your mobile a viable experience (don’t tell Christopher Nolan we said that).

The 120Hz Quad HD and excellent colour accuracy mean that hours spent hunched over your mobile, squinting at your screen as you try and watch The Matrix while you’re lying by the pool are a thing of the past. Add in Dolby Atmos sound courtesy of two speakers, and it’s as close as you’ll get to a cinema in your pocket. 

Find X2 Pro will also help you boost lower res videos on YouTube, so the next time you get stuck down an unboxing rabbit hole, at least it will be crystal clear.

Should you want to start filling X2 Pro’s sizeable memory with photos, there’s a 48MP Ultra-wide camera to take advantage of, alongside a 13MP telephoto lens with a 60x digital zoom, and a 32MP selfie camera, too. All are full of good night mode options, as well as steady video.

All this could, of course, come at the cost of the battery. But OPPO Find X2 Pro can be charged from flat to close to full in around half an hour thanks to its SuperVOOC flash charge.

Our move to ever more compact and personal devices is ongoing. We tried tiny, compact handsets and tablets that needed two hands to hold. Now though, handsets are entering the goldilocks stage. If you’re looking for an exceptional experience, one that delivers on performance and style, the OPPO Find X2 could be just right.