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25 April 2020
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Mr Arnaud Carrez on the relaunch of the Pasha de Cartier

Ahead of the relaunch of the Pasha de Cartier, GQ Middle East spoke with Mr Arnaud Carrez, internationa; marketing and communications director of Cartier, about updating a cult classic timepiece.


GQ:Why the Pasha de Cartier relaunch now? Why did this classic watch feel relevant to today?

Arnaud Carrez: "Pasha is one of the Maison’s cult watch since its creation in 1985 which we are featuring now in a new interpretation. At Cartier, we always focus on what makes the Maison singular. Following the successful relaunches of our iconic watches such as Panthère de Cartier in 2017 and Santos de Cartier in 2018, it is the perfect time to relaunch our distinctive and iconic round shape, Pasha de Cartier. Thanks to its powerful and audacious design Pasha became a very successful watch since its launch in 1985. Today, Pasha is back and perfectly fits to a new generation of achievers who is defining new values of success."

Can you talk us through the updates? What really stands out for you about the new Pasha de Cartier versus the original 1985 model?

"The new Pasha de Cartier has all the iconic and historical Pasha codes: Arabic numerals, square railtrack in a round dial, Clous de Paris on the bracelet, diamond- shaped hands and screwed-down crown. To make it 2020 watch, it has been upgraded with new tangible features such as the QuickSwitch with interchangeable straps, the SmartLink, the new interchangeable folding buckle, a new upgraded crown and a new personalized engraving, under the crown guard.

Another difference is the size. The new Pasha collection has 2 sizes: 35mm and 41mm. For example, 35 mm was the size of the iconic Pasha C from 1995, however Pasha never had before the size of 41 mm which is the new size, more adapted to today’s market standards.

This collection includes very diverse models and is available in steel, yellow gold, pink gold and set with diamonds. It also incorporates fine jewellery pieces and fine watchmaking creations with skeleton versions."

A unisex watch feels like a clever decision- you get twice the market power, but how do you find the balance of masculine and feminine? Especially when communicating the watch to consumers?

"Pasha used to be a men’s watch, but from the beginning was adopted by women. The 2020 Pasha collection is mixed-gender, targeting both men and women, with 2 sizes, 35mm and 41mm. It is a watch for a new generation made of both men and women. In the campaign, it is also embodied by a new generation of men and women as you will be able to see. This new generation values self-expression, collaboration, diversity, open-mindedness and positivity as the main driving forces of achievement. The Pasha campaign celebrates their achievement and their values."

This watch has many options for customisation- how important was that when marketing and designing a watch for a market that is all about individuality on social media?

"This is a very important part, we have been working since a while on upgrading our services offer. With the Pasha watch, Cartier is unveiling a new customisable engraving: carved in the form of initials, the engraving appears under the crown cover. The personalization service will be available and free for all new Pasha customers. But more than that, the launch of the new Pasha is an occasion for Cartier to celebrate our clients who already own a Pasha and offer them complimentary upgrading quality services, such as engraving of the case, intervention if necessary, and the upgrade of the movement.

As I mentioned, during the past years we have been working on upgrading the numerous services, not only customisation. Last November we launched Cartier Care program which featured a digital platform through which Cartier clients can get personalized advice and services, and benefit from the International Limited Warranty of up to 8 years, extended from previously 2 years. There is also our new upgrading quality package called New Battery which offers a complimentary battery upgrade extending the autonomy of the watch from 2 to 6 years in average. We have as well courtesy service available in certain markets as well as handwriting engraving and red box embossing."

Perhaps I’m biased but it feels like women tend to wear men’s watches more than men wear women’s. Do you think that’s just to do with the size of the case and if so, what were the considerations for the relaunch of the Pasha de Cartier?

I would say that we are seeing more and more products that intertwine both masculine and feminine characteristics. Nowadays, the society is formed by men who accept their femininity and women who accept their masculine side, while changing with the times and setting. It is all about what you would like to express and tastes are different. Some customers prefer smaller sizes, and others love the weight and impressive size of watch case. It really depends on the personal preference and which size feels most comfortable.

Talking about Pasha, the key value behind this watch was achievement from the very beginning thanks to its bold and signed design. The concept of achievement has evolved and is less about a material success. The spirit of Pasha resonates today as the symbol of a new generation of achievers who is sharing open-mindedness, diversity, strong connections and positivity as the main driving forces of achievement.

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