The Final Season Of The Protector With Cagatay Ulusoy Drops Today

09 July 2020
Cagatay Ulusoy, The Protector, Netflix, Streaming, GQ Men Of The Year 2019

Netlfix’s Turkish production comes to an end

Netflix’s hit Turkish drama, The Protector, draws to a close today, with the fourth and final season released on Netflix.

Starring our 2019 TV Actor of the Year award winner Cagatay Ulusoy, The Protector was Netflix’s first Turkish TV collaboration. A fantasy series following the life of a humble Istanbul resident, Hakan, who discovers he is connected to a secret ancient order charged with guarding the Turksih capital against evil, The Protector has made a star of its lead and highlighted how good Turkish TV is.

The second largest exporter of the medium globally, Turkey’s TV industry is a behemoth. Their shoot schedules are grueling and their episode run times and season lengths make The Wire look like light viewing.

“We’re introducing a new genre to a Turkish audience,” said Ulusoy, when we spoke to him last year. “It’s fantasy, historical and action and we’ve created a unique mixture by adding surprises like superheroes.”

Season 3’s alarmingly prescient plot saw Istanbul facing an existential threat from a deadly virus, but season 4 will draw to a close the battle between good and evil for the fate of the capital.

Ulusoy, now a huge star in Turkey, must travel back in time to defeat the Immortals and save his home. You can binge the whole series in one go this evening. 

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