We'll Have To Wait Even Longer For The New Christopher Nolan Movie

13 June 2020
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Wonder Woman and Tenet Release Dates Pushed Back

Two of the summer’s biggest blockbusters have had their release dates pushed back again. Both Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 and Christopher Nolan’s Tenet have been delayed under October and July respectively.

Warner Brothers announced on Friday that Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated time-shifting crime thriller would now open on July 31. This comes after the film was widely expected to be the first major movie to be released in theatres, kickstarting a return to the cinema on July 17.

In its place, the studio will re-release Inception, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Nolan classic.

Given that cinemas are still going through a gradual reopening process, it appears Warner Brothers wants to give more time for audiences to return before dropping such a big investment.

The same applies for Wonder Woman 1984. Patty Jenkins’ sequel to the brilliant Wonder Woman (arguably the only decent DC superhero movie of the new era) has now been pushed back to October 2. It had originally been slated for an August release.

What remains on the schedule are Disney’s live action remake of Mulan, and Russell Crowe’s new road-rage vehicle, Unhinged.

According to Vox UAE, Unhinged is due for release in the UAE on July 2. Mulan will be in cinemas on July 23.

Cinemas and movie release dates have been in disarray since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The first major release to be pushed back was the new James Bond film No Time To Die. Producers decided not to risk such a big release on a potentially depleted audience, and pushed it back to November.

In the meantime, Netflix has been capitalizing on an increased audience share, releasing Spike Lee’s new movie Da 5 Bloods.

It now remains to be seen whether studios feel cinema audiences have recovered enough by July to start risking their biggest investments.