An Early Look At Paranormal, The First Egyptian Netflix Original

09 August 2020
Netflix Original, Paranormal, Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa, Ahmed Amin, Razane Jammal
The series is based on the best-selling Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa series

Netflix has released early images of its first Egyptian production, Paranormal.

The Netflix Original, the first to have been produced entirely in Egypt, stars Ahmed Amin, Razane Jammal, and Aya Samaha and was created by Amr Salama. It wrapped late due to the coronavirus, but is now on the verge of release.

Based on the best-selling Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa series of novels by the late Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, Paranormal follows Dr Refaat Ismail (Ahmed Amin) and scientist Maggie Mckillop (Razane Jammal) as they try to make sense of a host of paranormal and other-worldly happenings.

As Dr Ismail’s life is turned upside down by strange events that begin in his 40s and he starts to question his lifelong scientific convictions. Joined by his colleague Maggie, they enter the paranormal world and try to save their loved ones from the immense danger that surrounds them.

Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, who passed away in 2018, was a pioneer of contemporary horror fiction in Egypt. He wrote more than 200 paperback novels and more than 500 books, in both Egyptian and classical Arabic, selling over 15 million copies.

As well as the Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa series he also completed an Arabic translation of Chuck Palaniuk’s novel Fight Club.

Staying true to the books, the series was filmed entirely in Egypt and is slated for release later this year.