A New Haircut For A New Year

By Adam Baidawi
02 January 2019
Grooming, Hair, Style
The turning of the calendar is a perfect chance to take stock: of your life, of your wardrobe and, yes, your grooming

Start the New Year with a fresh new look by stytling your hair like a superstar. Here are four of our favourite cuts.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Malik has been on a chameleonic hair journey – at various times rocking bangs to bleach to technicolour tones. But no matter how he experiments, he always seem to revert to home base: a killer, razor-sharp crop. “This is great for those with thick hair, a strong hairline, and an angular jaw,” says Brent Pankhurst, the master barber who runs something of a follicular empire. “It’s a sharp look that looks neat and almost military in style. It’s a nice way to cut down grooming time in the mornings, without compromising on how you look.”

How it’s done: This isn’t the time to ask for a generic buzz with a little length on top. Be instructive, says Pankhurst. “Ask the barber for a finger length crop. The barber should use scissors on the hair on the top of the head, following the head shape, and taper the hair in short to the surrounding skin.”

Dev Patel

Dev Patel

The bro flow is having a moment: it’s the way handsome dudes worldwide – Patel included – are rocking mid-length hair. “This haircut is perfect for thick, wavy hair – great for a lot of Middle Eastern and Asian hair types,” says Pankhurst. “Plus, it’s ideal for the party season: polished but still modern.”

How it’s done: The difference between sleek, leading man and block-headed slob is a fine line – and that fine line is all in the cut. “Ask for a square-led haircut through the sides, with the length left slightly longer on top,” says Pankhurst. “Request your barber to cut freehand – that will enhance the texture and curl.” Finally, skip the gels and pomades for this look. A lightweight styling conditioner will keep things in order, while helping you achieve that elusive hair goal: touchability.

Hasan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj

No, the part is not going anywhere – it’s just continuing its style evolution. Take it into the new year the Hasan Minhaj way: with a generous bit of lift. “Look: it’s one of the most classic and flattering haircuts for men.” If you’re looking for an instant hit of sharpness (and something that can play nice at the office and the weekend), look no further.

How it’s done: Start by asking for a classic short back and sides, then add a few specifics. “We would prefer to cut this hairstyle square through the sides, graduating it in with some scissor over comb work and leaving it longer on top,” says Pankhurst. Pomade is your go-to, here – it’ll give the hold and shine that finishes the look. But note this: if you want to emulate the patented Minhaj lift, you’ll need a little heat. “Use a hairdryer and a vent brush get some height, and set things in place.”

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

‘Classic’ doesn’t need to be synonymous with ‘dull’ – as Gosling so ably demonstrates. Texture is the difference-maker here, adding a burst of dimension to an otherwise familiar shape. “Men with straight and fine hair will love this style,” explains Pankhurst. “It will give them a lot of shape and texture that they may be hard pushed to show off otherwise.” 

How it’s done: A few details will help steer you away from a cut that feels generic. “The most important thing to ensure is that your barber keeps the cut square at the sides – that’s how you get the most flattering effect on the jawline,” says Pankhurst. If your hair is a little thicker or coarser, make sure to crop it even shorter, chopping in some texture to get the same red carpet-ready effect. “And be sure to apply your styling product to completely dry hair – that’s how you get a better hold.”


A great hairstyle is 80 percent in the cut. But don’t neglect the other 20

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