A Serene Grooming Experience Amongst Shopping Chaos

By Keanoush Zargham
24 December 2018
Grooming, The Dubai Mall, Dunhill
A GQ editor carves-out some Me Time at Dunhill's barbershop in The Dubai Mall

As a fashion editor, I’d estimate that I visit luxury fashion stores around 15 times a month, give or take. It can be stressful. It can be overwhelming. But I’m used to it.

As you can imagine, I know every store from every major brand rather well. For instance, I know that the shoes for Bottega Veneta are located on the ground floor of their store in The Dubai Mall. And I know that to find Dunhill's runway collection, you must walk into the beautifully-presented Dunhill store, move past the clothing, and slink through the VIP tailoring area, to the back.

Dunhill's runway collection epitomises where the brand is at right now. It’s fresh and it’s completely contemporised from its classic Savile Row tailoring roots. Amidst all that tailoring, you can now see statement pieces like leather biker jackets and gilets – it’s really exciting. It feels younger and fresher, and it’s always nice to be surprised.

That’s how I felt entering the Dunhill barbershop. It’s hidden away within the flagship store, like a little oasis of grooming.

It’s the first time in my career that I’ve seen a barbershop inside a luxury fashion brand. And I rather like it.

Dunhill barbershop

You can feel the stress melt away as soon as you enter; the hot towel massage that begins the experience certainly helps things along. Suddenly, espresso and sparkling water arrives. Then you forget where you are.

The experience is excellent, and I’m one to notice the details. I like things to be done in a particular way – my hair cut just right, my beard shaped just so. It’s always a little risky putting your grooming in the hands of a new barber. Luckily, Dunhill’s man on the ground took my suggestions and made them even better. Finishing with products from Redken was a nice touch – they’re some of my favourites.

While a barbershop inside a luxury flagship might seem incongruent, it’s a better fit than you might imagine. You have the VIP tailoring section situated right next to it, after all. Having the chance to have your suit fitted, find the right pair of shoes, and have a barbershop experience, all in one space? Clever.

Yes, I still had to walk out through the Mall. Sure, I had some bags to take back for a shoot. But I left my shopping experience feeling anything but stressed. And you’d better believe that I could get used to that.