About GQ Middle East

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Launched in 2018, GQ Middle East became the 21st international edition of GQ. The region’s leading fashion and lifestyle magazine for men, its DNA is simple: world-class photography, in-depth reporting and an uncompromisingly modern point of view. Since its inception, GQ Middle East has secured some of the planet’s biggest Arab stars for its covers, from Oscar winners to supermodels, musical pioneers to world-class sportsmen. And at the end of 2019 we held the inaugural Men of the Year Awards at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The first awards of its kind in the region, the evening welcomed A-list talent and generated world-wide coverage, demonstrating GQ Middle East’s intent not to stay in its lane. The go-to brand for the discerning, affluent Arab man, GQ Middle East is pushing the Middle East’s  cultural conversation forward in print, digital and on social media.