How It Feels To Have Your Eyebrows Shaped

By Bilal Muhammad
03 September 2020
Eyebrows, Facial care, Grooming, Male grooming, Threading, Waxing
After months of self-grooming, one GQ editor braved the brow-bar

“You look like Bigfoot”

Sometimes it takes the harshest critics (in this case, family members on a Zoom call) to bring about the best changes.

After months of self-inflicted lockdown grooming, or lack thereof, I had begun to resemble a sasquatch. It was time for drastic action.

I booked myself into Browz Men, a new grooming salon close to the Burj Al Arab, and decided to go all-in, opting for an eyebrow shape up and a CO2 facial, which I was told would “purify my skin.”

Ushered to a private room, my salon technician walked me through the process of the facial. She’d start with a deep clean of my face, followed by the application of a machine lifted directly from the set of Star Trek which would blast CO2 into my skin and help rejuvenate and clean my pores. She would then finish the treatment by massaging my face with Magic Ice Balls (TM ) to help reduce my skin’s puffiness, tighten it up, shrink my pores and soothe my yeti-like complexion. A final spray of vitamin C and I would be brand new.

Next, the eyebrow shaping station. Be prepared to be asked which method of shaping you’d prefer: waxing, threading or tweezing. I was stumped but in the interests of exploration I opted for all three.

After 15 mins of artistry on my brow(z), I sat up and faced the panel of mirrors in front of me. I had emerged from out of the forest of facial hair a new man, proud of my brows.

In the already limited world of male grooming discussion, eyebrow care is perhaps the least talked about topic, but one which should get more attention. Badly plucked eyebrows will distort the look of your facial features while a uni-brow will do you no favours either. Get thems een to properly and it can make a real difference to your face.

Note: if this is your first time attacking your brows, seek expert help.


Waxing requires your technician to use melted wax or sticky strips to pull out multiple hairs at once. It will provide clean, neatly defined and long-lasting results. How long exactly? That depends on your natural hair growth but can be anywhere between a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Waxing is particularly effective for clearing thick hair. Between two brows, for instance.

Pain: 5/5


This traditional method works by using small, twisted cotton threads to catch and pull out hairs in a smooth, straight line. It will give you a clean look above and below your eyebrows.

Pain: 4/5


You don’t necessarily need to have someone tweeze your own eyebrows, but the advice goes that you should never pluck from the top half. Stop frequently and check you haven’t plucked unevenly.

Best for removing minimal hair and pro tip: Be sure to pull from the root of each strand to avoid breakage.

Pain: 3/5