The Digital Kettlebell That Makes Doing Weights At Home More Enticing
Working out at home is hard; working out with weights at home even more so. With the home fitness industry booming, however, what do you do if you want to get a few goblet squats in at home? Enter the JAXJOX KettlebellConnect, the best way to do a strength class in your lounge
The Healthy Bulking Secrets Behind Thor's Diet
It's not easy looking like Chris Hemsworth, even when you're him: getting the nutritional intake he needs to gain deity-level muscle is impossible without the help of his chef and nutrition consultant, Sergio Perera. Here, Perera breaks down exactly what it takes for Hemsworth to be Mjolnir-ready
Netflix’s The Politician Is Custom-Built For Success
Ryan Murphy’s first show as part of his huge Netflix deal is The Politician, an anthology show that opens on the story of a high-functioning, high-society high school presidential candidate who one day wants to be in the Oval Office. It’s also equal parts everything binge-worthy, a worryingly perfect Netflix chimera
Chace Crawford Makes A Mean Coq Au Vin
Gossip Girl’s own Nate Archibald is now back on our screens in superhero satire The Boys. We asked him what it took to get ready to suit up in lycra, how he keeps looking good when he’s on set, and got to hear his terrible pronunciation of French culinary classics
The Surfer Making History At The Olympics
The 2020 Olympics mark the first time surfing will be part of the line-up. Luke Dillon is just one of Britain’s top-notch surfers now getting ramped up for the chance to represent his country and maybe end up on the podium. This is how he keeps himself Tokyo ready
Inside The World of Medical Concierges, The Fixers of Private Healthcare
For people navigating the private medical sector, finding the right expert to do exactly what you need can be a labyrinthine process. Enter medical concierges, who will organise your appointments, find you the best experts and get you valuable second opinions