Thanks To Ansel Elgort’s Bold Golden Globes Look, Make-up For Men Is Officially A Thing
At the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles yesterday, The Goldfinch star spearheaded the move toward men wearing make-up, and our Style And Grooming Director is totally here for it
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Why I Still Can’t Stop Watching Chernobyl
How many times is it acceptable to watch a show about a nuclear meltdown where people's faces disintegrate? For GQ's Teo van den Broeke, six. But he's already itching for a seventh. Why? Not only is the Golden Globe-frontrunner the best drama of the year, it's one of the greatest horrors ever made
How To Dress Like James Bond In No Time To Die
The trailer for next year’s Bond blockbuster, No Time To Die, has just been released and with it a whole slew of style inspiration, primarily in the shape of Daniel Craig’s pale brown suit, which features in the opening sequence. Here, our Style & Grooming Director explains why you should be copying Craig’s look in its entirety next summer
Kim Jones Collaborates With Shawn Stussy And Jordan Brand For Dior Fall 2020
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