How Biohacking Can Change Your Life

By GQ Middle East
13 March 2019
GQ Lab
Animation: Tibor Kárpáti
Hack your way to a smarter, sharper, handsomer self? It’s possible

Men are already using biohacking to get a one-up on the competition
“Simply put, biohacking is something that you do physically to hack your own cellular function to produce an end result that you desire,” says Dr Shawana Vali of London’s LMS Wellness clinic, whose clientele have included globetrotting CEOs and literal royalty. Biohacking, she explains, can help with anything from achieving all-day energy, to gaining the ability to pierce through brain fog on command. Biohacking can even help with getting that deeper, longer ever-elusive REM sleep – AKA, the best kind of sleep.

Biohacking perfect for lingering, inexplicable symptoms
Ever been to the GP feeling a bit tired or drained, only to have the doctor advise sleep, exercise and healthy eating? Biohacking is tailor-made for getting to the bottom of the irks that are tricky to pin down, but eat away at your day-to-day life.

“My job is to look at everything – everything the GP has done, but with extensive panel testing,” says Vali.

An initial biohacking consultation will look at everything from your hormonal pathways to signs of internal inflammation, painting an achingly detailed picture of your body, which can be used to inform a plan of attack.

It all starts with the gut
Do you bloat easily? Do you put on or lose weight with regularity? Those symptoms could be telling you more than you think.

“We clean out the gut first. The gut produces the most amount of serotonin – the happiness hormone,” says Vali. “If you lay out the gut, it’s one of the biggest organs in the body. If the gut wall is damaged, it will be impaired from producing this happy hormone. If it can’t produce serotonin, you’re going to find yourself irritable and having mood swings.”

Our guts absorb all the nutrients we need to function – when the gut wall can’t absorb correctly, the knock-on effects can reach as far as your kidney, liver and even your brain. The latter can affect everything from your concentration to your memory.

Biohacking can help you perform at work
“Most people in executive positions constantly run – and make high-level decisions – on stress.” Vali explains that, when we’re running around our offices stressed, we’re moving through our day with sky-high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, flowing through our systems. “My job is to biohack you. I have to give you 130 percent energy.”

The end-goal is to maintain clarity, focus, attention and recall – all underscored by day-long energy. “It can be as simple as switching up your morning coffee,” says Dr Mohammed Enayat, who works alongside Vali at LMS Wellness. “Adding coconut oil and grass-fed butter results in a sustained release of caffeine through the day, and a sustained release of energy. Sustained releases are better than spikes.”

Biohacking can make you more handsome
Our faces give a lot away about us – and form a lion’s share of first impressions. Vali says that biohacking is perfect for enhancing two major features: our eyes, and our skin.

“Inflammatory markers can result in acne and rosacea,” says Vali. Through the careful study of your gut health, biohacking therapies can result in a dramatic, noticeable improvement in our body’s biggest organ. “It can make you glow.”

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