In Light of Coronavirus, Drive-in Cinemas Are Coming To The UAE

11 May 2020
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The future of isolated entertainment is on the horizon

As the world accommodates itself to the ongoing pandemic, the entertainment sector is in constant search for creative solutions. One notable mention goes to the resurgence of Drive-In cinemas in the Middle East.

With the eased lockdown, UAE citizens regained partial freedom in their daily lives, but going to the cinema remains prohibited. However, the UAE is working on bringing back this retro entertainment very soon. And it is not without precedent.

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Just recently, Iran brought back the long-banned cinematic model, operating right under Tehran’s Milad Tower.

Drive-in cinemas were a popular in the UAE throughout the 80s and 80s. Rex Cinema was a local favourite, premiering Indian films, before it was demolished in the following years.

Currently, Urban Outdoor Cinema has been working on bringing back the experience to Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

In a recent interview, the company’s chief executive, Michael Hayes said:

“We feel now is the perfect time to launch this – especially as social distancing will still be important as restrictions on outdoor events start to relax,”

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“People can sit in the comfort of their own cars, keeping social distancing in place, while enjoying a great movie on the big screen. This can be complemented by food, drinks and snacks delivered to your car.”

Back in the cooler months of the year and prior to the pandemic, Urban Outdoor Cinema used to run weekly outdoor screenings at Al Habtoor Grand Resort, Dubai Marina. However, given the summer months approaching and soaring temperatures, it remains to be seen how people will approach sitting in cars in the heat.

Hayes believes that they can implement drive-in cinemas across the country and maintain the service long-term, beyond the coronavirus timeline.

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Unless this approach is taken everywhere around the globe, we wouldn’t expect to see the new blockbusters in our drive-in cinemas. But at this point, we’re just thrilled to leave our houses for reasons other than picking up groceries.

While the official date for screenings to begin hasn’t been announced, Hayes said that “all will be revealed over the next few weeks”.