$30 Million Will Now Buy You Jason Statham's Masterpiece Of A Malibu Mansion

13 November 2019
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Images: Courtesy of Williams & Williams

Everything you need for an action star's existence amongst the waves

Jason Statham is, to many, a true icon of British culture. He's the archetypal hardman, as at-home in a Guy Ritchie gangster flick as he is in a big-budget blockbuster, and always equipped to bring his dry wit and london accent to steal a scene in a way that only he can. Off the camera, though, Statham seems very much the stereotypical action hero. He has the supermodel girlfriend, the kick-ass car collection and up until very recently, he also had the California beach pad to match the lifestyle.

Now though, Statham has put his sprawling ocean-front mansion on the market, and that means we've been gifted a visual tour of the place where one of the world's most in-demand movie stars laid his head.

The property sits on the star-studded, sun-lit shores of Malibu, and is listed for $19.5 million USD, well over the $9 million USD he paid for it a decade ago. Who knows, maybe in a parallel universe, Jason Statham is a property developer.

"Nestled in the world's most exclusive enclave, the Malibu Colony, mere footsteps from the Cross Creek Shopping Center and legendary Malibu Surf Rider Pier, the Black House is an organic masterpiece that has been renovated to perfection," writes the estate agent Williams & Williams.

"Striking black cedar shingles adorn a bold, oceanside architectural tour de force, and a dramatic blend of sophistication and retro style hearkening back to Malibu's golden age. The interior is a masterful blend of indoor / outdoor living spaces set before the striking beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

"Three ample suites offer you the most coveted lap of luxury, every inch custom curated and fastidiously detailed. From the Belgian Oak floors, the Burmese Teak decks, to the mandatory floor-to-ceiling walls of glass, perfectly framing every sunset, with boundless views of Malibu's favorite surf spot, Old Joe's."

The house also boasts its own private strip of beach, along with a guest house that has its own kitchenette and spa.

Williams & Williams naturally don't name Statham as the owner of the property, but it's widely known to be his. Statham also reportedly owns properties in both Beverly Hills and above the Sunset Strip. The Malibu Colony, boasts an impressive host of names as its residents, from Tom Hanks to Edward Norton and Sting.

You can take a full tour of the property below. Also be sure to check out the $55 million Beverly Hills dinosaur mansion (with an actual Dinosaur in it).

Via GQ Australia