5 Times Joe Exotic Nailed The No-Rules Style Era

30 March 2020
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Even Carole Baskin has to admit that the Tiger King is #StyleGoals For 2020

There are many looks that we already hold dear from 2020. Style salvos from the great and good that hold a forever place in our hearts. Timothée Chalamet’s navy Prada suit from the Oscars perhaps, or pretty much any pre-game fit from LeBron. But at no point did we see the style game of Joe Exotic coming.

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To be filed as ‘so bad it’s kind of good’, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that a man who hung about with a bunch of tigers also has a maximalist sensibility when it comes to how he dresses. But, even so, there’s maximalism and then there’s Joe Exotic’s purple sequined blouson.

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The GQ style team has video conferenced the heck out of this one and the message is clear. Joe Exotic is the very physical embodiment of the no-rules style era. Don’t believe us? Here are five times the Tiger King channelled the latest runway looks.

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Animal magnetism

In Exotic’s wardrobe, there’s no such thing as too much, too far, too many eyebrow piercings. That goes for the levels of animal print as well. Exotic trusts his instinct here and that, my friends, is why he’s known as the Tiger King.

Stripe a pose

Stripes were a big deal on the SS20 runways, and Exotic clearly knows this only too well. For best results, pair with dark trousers, a baseball cap, and let the stripes be the star. Add a leg brace for full Tiger King style

Glam rocker

Exotic is a country boy for life, but a number of his looks also share the type of glam rock stylings that Celine SS20 would have been proud of. Looking for a muted accessory to style it all out? Can we interest you in a snow leopard?

Sequined star

When it comes to Joe Exotic vs. fashion, nothing is off limits. While Carole Baskin or Doc Antle might lumber about their big cat parks in khaki or weird florals, Exotic has a confidence that somehow made this purple sequined shirt evoke a mood of Saint Laurent. The man’s a genius.

White lightening

Denim will always be seasonless but we truly admire Exotic’s approach to white denim. Shunning the usual jeans for a shirt, the black choker adds an unexpected ’90s throwback element which we kind of dig, too. All things considered, we’d wear this now. Colt 45, optional.