A Random Netflix K-Drama Pretty Well Predicted The Covid-19 Outbreak

30 March 2020
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Image: Netflix

No wonder they were so well prepared

As far as global responses to the spread of Coronavirus have gone, you'll struggle to find one as well lauded as that of South Korea. Despite being about as close to the initial Chinese epicentre of the outbreak as it was possible to get, swift response from their government ensured that the country's very densely-packed population emerged from their initial outbreak quite well, registering less than 10,000 cases and 139 deaths so far from a population on the business end of 50 million.

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The Korean peoples' response to the crisis has been successful for a number of reasons, most notably the general population's willingness to accept quarantine and self-isolation measures early on. But now we know that they may have had a secret bit of intel up their sleeves, the little scamps.

The inside word comes in the form of 2018 Korean Netflix series My Secret Terrius, which despite being more based around a government conspiracy, actually aired an episode set in a hospital where one of the patients is afflicted with "a mutant Coronavirus" that in the case of the show had been manipulated by humans to be particularly deadly.

"Someone tweaked it to increase the mortality rate to 90 percent," says a doctor in the show. "The virus was manipulated to attack the lungs directly within just five minutes of being exposed." 

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This is obviously a little more farfetched than what the world is currently experiencing, and humans have known about the possibility of people contracting other coronaviruses like SARS and MERS since the 1960s. But it nonetheless raised some eyebrows and speaks to at least a wider public knowledge of the threat of Coronaviruses emerging from certain countries.

As others have quite rationally pointed out, Coronaviruses are a group term that refer to a series of diseases that can cause respiratory infections, of which Covid-19 is simply one. So any claims that this show was in on something we didn't know are a spurious at best.

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Yes, it's all a bit ridiculous. But we're just glad a show other than The Simpsons seems to have got a major world event right for once.

Via GQ Australia