A$AP Rocky Returns With New Video, Makes A Case To Be This Year’s MVP

29 August 2019
A$AP Rocky, Music Video, MVP
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First, he plays trump for a fool. Then he introduces 2019’s freshest new style trend. A$ap rocky, take a bow

It should come as no revelation to say the world is a mess right now.

Not only is the Amazon burning but apparently world leaders have more pressing matters than to come together and collectively stop a catastrophe that could have consequences across the globe for generations. Then there’s the ongoing s***storm that is Brexit, not to mention the shocking police brutality waged against protestors in Hong Kong. Oh, and if we needed any more signs the world has been well and truly turned upside down, UFC poster boy Conor McGregor has retired from the octagon in favour of decking little old men in public spaces.

It’s in times like these you have to take your wins where you can find them. Which is why A$AP Rocky has proven himself a God-send these past few months. First, the Harlem rapper showed that it’s still possible for the Internet to agree on something, as every man and his dog jumped to support Rocky following his imprisonment in Sweden for what appeared to be self defence.

Donald Trump, seeing an opportunity for some positive press, joined the #JusticeForRocky calls and pressured the Swedish government for the rapper’s release. Soon, the artist was en route back to the United States a free man.

The Internet had got the happy ending it deserved but the best was still to come.

Upon returning home, Trump was reportedly expecting a public and heartfelt thank you for his role in the release – one that, for some reason, included sending a hostage negotiator to the courtoom. Rocky, however, had other ideas. Refusing to name Trump, the TESTING rapper posted a message to his Instagram, thanking “fans, friends and anyone across the globe” for supporting his release.

It may not bring an end to the climate change that’s crippling our planet, nor will it disrupt the conveyor belt from which all of our mediocre world leaders emerge. But, like we said, these days you have to take the wins where you can get ’em.

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The gift that is A$AP Rocky doesn’t stop there, though. Just a few weeks since his release from Stockholm, the rapper has dropped a new song ‘Babushka Boi’ along with accompanying visuals that may well bring about 2019’s freshest new style trend.

The video for ‘Babushka Boi’, a cartoonish throwback to the Dick Tracy cartoons, has Rocky and a band of villains rob a bank with Tommy guns while chased by a grotesque group of cops. The final scene sees Rocky and his crew kill the cops in a shoot-out before making sausages out of them. (Subtle.)

The heavily stylised visuals further highlight Rocky as one of the most creative minds in hip hop. But the real winner is what Rocky has wrapped round his head. He’s been teasing us with glimpses of this new style, but it’s here that the 30-year-old goes full Bubushka Boi.

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A favourite of bikies and rappers, the bandana has long had a place in popular culture. Tupac gave it its first style update, making famous the knot in the front rather than the back. Then it migrated to hanging loose out of back pockets and in the ’00s it got adopted by the mainstream, appearing atop the head of David Beckham a frankly alarming number of times.

But it’s Rocky who has given the bandana its most transformative update yet. Not one to comply with convention, the A$AP frontman has presumably taken his cue from old ladies whose headscarf is tied under their chin, protecting their perms from the elements.

Thus far, Rocky is the only spotting of the Bubushka Boi trend; none have been brave enough to follow in the New Yorker’s footsteps. But, if history has proven anything, it’s that what’s seen in rap will soon hit the world. Back in the ’80s, Run DMC made it cool to wear Adidas. LL Cool J did the same with Kangol. Then there’s Kanye in his Graduation days who propelled polos and backpacks into urban culture, rewriting preppy style forever.

Whether Rocky’s Bubushka Boi trend will have the same cultural impact, it’s too soon to tell. As for whether there will be another opportunity for the rapper to stick it to Trump again, it’s just a matter of time.

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