A$AP Rocky's Sweden Arrest: The Rapper Opens Up About The ‘Scary, Humbling Experience’

15 August 2019
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Image: AP
As of this morning, A$AP Rocky has been convicted of assault and given a suspended sentence

A$AP Rocky’s Swedish saga finally came to a close over night with the US rapper, and two member’s of his entourage, being convicted of assault.

Rocky will serve no jail time, but he has received two years probation and been ordered to pay 12500 SEK in total (approximately $1,922) to the victim, a fine that he will share with the other two convicted in the case.

After a video of the platinum-selling artist and some of his associates fighting on the streets of Sweden’s capital with 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari went viral, GQ’s former Man of Style was arrested and jailed on June 30.

The rapper was placed in a holding cell for several weeks until arguments in their assault trial wrapped up on August 2, at which point they were released pending the verdict.

A$AP Rocky, rear, and his defence lawyer Slobodan Jovicic in the district court in Stockholm, Friday Aug. 2, 2019, on the third day of A$AP Rocky's trial. Image: Court Illustration by Anna Harvard/TT via AP.

With Rocky’s high-profile status, the case is morphed into something of a diplomatic disaster. In a bid to get the rapper out of a Swedish jail, President Donald Trump reportedly spoke with the country’s Prime Minister Stefan Löften over the phone. But when that didn’t work, no prizes for guessing that he decided to launch a series of increasingly aggressive tweets, demanding that Löften “Give A$AP his FREEDOM” and bemoaning that “we do so much for Sweden but it doesn’t seem to work the other way around.”

While Myers (Rocky’s actual name) and his two companions pleaded not guilty to the assault charge, arguing that they had acted in self-defence, prosecutors alleged that the three men used too much violence for their actions to be considered self-defence, and asked for at least a six-month jail sentence. A$AP Rocky left Sweden immediately upon his release from detention earlier this month.

Summary of the courts judgement given to press during a press conference held in conjunction with the release of a guilty verdict in the A$AP Rocky assault trial at the Stockholm City Courthouse on August 14, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. Image: Michael Campanella/Getty Images.

After telling the crowd during a performance in California on Sunday that his time in Stockholm was “…a scary, humbling experience, but I'm here right now,” he took to Instagram this morning to share that he is "disappointed" after he was found guilty of assault in Sweden but plans to "keep moving forward".

"I am of course disappointed by today's verdict," the 30-year-old star later posted on Instagram.

"I want to say thanks again to all of my fans, friends, and everyone who showed me love during this difficult time.

"Imma keep moving forward.

"Thank you to my team, my management, attorneys, label and everyone who advocated for justice."

Check it out below:

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