Adel Imam's Son Dispels Death Rumours

18 November 2019
Adel Imam
Online reports of the Egyptian comedy icon's ill health resurfaced last week after being denied earlier this year

Reports of Adel Imam’s demise had been greatly exaggerated. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

Online rumours of the death of the Arab cinema icon had spread over the last week, and were finally dispelled by Imam’s director son, Rami, in an instagram post on Sunday night.

In the short short video, which was captioned “Look who is beside me now”,  Adel Imam is seen reading a script from an upcoming television show, while sitting next to his son.

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Look who’ s beside me now ???

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Imam is without doubt Egyptian and Arab cinema’s biggest star over the last 50 years and despite transitioning from a comedy to drama over in the 1980s and 90s, his films continued to be massive box office hits well in to the 21st century.

He retains millions of admirers and interest in his every move remains high across Middle Eastern media as proven by the reaction to the rumours of illness which surfaced earlier this year.

They were strongly denied by the actor, but persisted throughout the year, culminating in last week’s claims.

But now they’ve been put to bed by his son, much to the joy of his fans.

Imam first came to attention as one of the main character in the comedy theatre production Madrasat El Mushaghebeen (Juvenile School), and then confirmed his status as region’s peerless comedic talent with virtuoso turn in another play, Shahed Mashafsh Haga (The Witness Who Saw Nothing).

He followed those towering works with several other theatrical plays and, increasingly, with cinematic releases that mixed his gift for comedy with more dramatic storylines.

Some of his most famous films include Al Irhab Wal Kabab ( Terrorism and Kebab) and El Safara Fil Amara ( The Embassy in the Building), and in the last decade he has been drawn towards television productions.

At the time of the latest rumours about his health, Imam was working on his latest television production of Valentino, scheduled to be released next Ramadan.

His fans will be hoping for much more to come.