Watch All The Artists Live-Streaming Concerts During Self-Quarantine

18 March 2020
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We may be living in a time of social distancing, but music’s biggest stars are connecting with fans via the power of strong Wi-Fi

As the coronavirus continues to put pressure on health systems around the world, the pandemic has seen us enter a new phase of living: self-isolation. In an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, mass gatherings have been banned, stores forced to close, and sporting events, festivals, and concerts have been cancelled. All of this would be enough to have you feeling the pinch of loneliness, but technology has made communication easier than ever and as they say, nothing unites people in solidarity quite like music.

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In an effort to connect with fans, music’s biggest stars are taking to social and streaming platforms to play live for their fans. Around the world, pop stars and bands have fashioned their sets into engaging performances to be listened to and viewed through the interface of a phone or laptop.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin played a set on Instagram Live, even taking fans’ questions after the performance before moving on to cover David Bowie’s “Life On Mars”. Keith Urban delighted all fans of country with a live Instagram performance, with fans even spotting his wife and Aussie icon Nicole Kidman in the background, with Urban calling her his “audience of one”.

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Yungblud, the punk-pop singer that’s enjoyed incredible success, put on an hour-long show from LA, telling fans to get into the performance from wherever they were watching at home. “Get on your bed, your kitchen table, your couch – and jump!” said the young musician. Amazingly, the concert was put together in just 72 hours, following the postponement of his live concert due to the coronavirus.

In an interview with Vulture, he said he wanted to spread some positivity during this trying time. “Having the opportunity to connect with fans taken away from me wasn’t gonna be an option...It’s a time to not give up and think out of the box – out of bad situations and despair comes incredible art, no matter what form that may be.”

Other artists are being equally ambitious, promising to do a show each night. Christine and The Queens will stage nightly live shows from the Ferber recording studio in Paris. The first video she shared was an acoustic version of her current single, “People I’ve been Sad”.

Even John Legend took to Twitter to alert fans to the live performance he would be treating them to on his Instagram Live channel. He teased that his wife, the hilarious Chrissy Teigen would be in attendance and that hilarity would surely ensue.

While no one is immune to the consequences of the coronavirus, the economic impact of the virus has been felt immediately by those in the creative arts and music industry. While local artists struggle under new restrictions and the venues of such gigs struggle under the closure, it’s clear that we will need to do all we can to ensure their livelihoods are protected. The loss of income as the touring circuit shuts down can’t be underestimated, and support for these artists will need to be a major priority.

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There’s no denying that the coronavirus is a pandemic, the likes of which we’ve never seen for generations. And while it will be difficult moving forward, if you’re feeling alone during this time of self-isolation, tune in to your favourite artist’s live streams and feel the collective harmony that comes with the joy of music.

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