Anthony Bourdain's Personal Belongings Are Up For Auction

By Charlie Calver
19 September 2019
Anthony Bourdain, Auction, Celebrity chef
Image: Getty
The items up for sale include art, furniture, clothes and of course, knives

A collection of Anthony Bourdain’s personal belongings are set to be auctioned next month. The celebrity chef, writer and television presenter, who died last year, lived a wild and full life, and the 215 items up for sale tell this story.

The proceeds of the auction, which is being run online by Lark Mason of Antiques Roadshow fame, will be split between Bourdain’s family and a new scholarship offered by the Culinary Institute of America, where Bourdain studied. The scholarship will allow students to travel abroad; something that Bourdain inspired many of us to do.

Bourdain’s collection of personal items are telling of who he was. There is a bomber jacket that the US Navy gave to the chef after he was evacuated from Lebanon on the U.S.S. Nashville. A known lover of art and music, Bourdain’s belongings include an illustration by Hunter S. Thompson’s long-time collaborator Ralph Steadman and a record box (which includes records by The Velvet Underground and Nico, and The Kinks).

In addition to personal pleasures and souvenirs, fans of the writer and chef can purchase items that Bourdain used in his professional life. Up for sale is a first draft of Bourdain’s novel Bone In The Throat, as well as his personal writing desk.

The most covetable possessions though are the ones that Bourdain used for cooking. The crown jewel of these items is a steel and meteorite knife which was custom made by Bob Kramer, one of the leading bladesmiths in the world. The knife was personally gifted to Bourdain by Kramer in 2016.

We can often learn a lot from what people choose to keep and that is certainly the case with Bourdain. The whole collection goes online for preview on October 2nd which will certainly be worth a browse, at least to gain a greater understanding of the much-loved renegade chef, and at most to buy a $6000 knife.

Via GQ Australia