Apple Is Now Apparently Planning To Build Its Own Six-Storey Hotel

27 May 2020
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Image: Courtesy of Apple
A 192-room addition to what will become one of the world's biggest office spaces

HBO's Silicon Valley did a pretty good job parodying the way in which tech firms subtly design their offices so you really never have to leave. You get on a Google bus to go to Google campus, eating your meals in a Google restaurant before returning to your Google desk. Maybe a nap in a Google sleep pod is on the cards if you had a particularly big lunch.

But fully built-in living quarters for employees were an idea that many in Silicon Valley thought may be a bridge too far for the imagination. Until now, at least.

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Apple has become the first tech giant to take the covers off plans to add a fully-fledged hotel to one of its campuses, revising plans for its soon-to-be-built Austin HQ to include a six-storey, 192 room hotel that will sit conjoined to  the Cupertino company's biggest secondary nerve centre.

While providing accommodation to guests of the company, it's also thought that the hotel will be financially integrated into the wider Apple campus, perhaps providing temporary sleeping quarters for those who work there working particularly lengthy shifts. Not that's a particularly enticing prospect, but hey. This is big tech. Nothing surprises us any more.

According to the plans, Apple’s second Austin campus total three million square feet in area, making it one of the world’s largest office buildings. The hotel itself will take up 75,000 sq ft of space.

“Apple is a trendsetter in so many ways. Its proposed hotel as part of its new Austin campus is another example of it being ahead of the curve,” John Boyd Jr., principal of Princeton corporate location consulting firm The Boyd Co. Inc., explained to CultureMap.

"Having a hotel connected at the hip with its corporate parent is not common now, but in the post-COVID-19 corporate travel world, I expect we will be seeing more of this concept, especially from deep-pocketed tech firms like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft."

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7,000 Apple employees currently work out of Apple's Austin headquarters, and it's thought that the new campus, which began construction in November last year, will eventually be able to house 15,000 employees. If it does so, it'll be the Texan city's largest private employer.

Via GQ Australia