As Roger Federer Takes To The Court In His 22nd Australian Open, We Look Back At His Career By The Numbers

23 January 2020
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Breaking down the feats of a true sporting legend

How do you even begin to contextualise one of the greatest extended feats in the history of sports?

Such is the size and scale of Roger Federer's career — with all the Grand Slam wins, the epic matches, the historic rivalries and the influence he's had on the game — to boil down his career into words is near impossible without writing a truly gargantuan biography — a feat that's been attempted numerous times.

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The answer, of course, its stats. Sweet, juicy, digestible stats. We all love those, and given Federer still seems to find a way into the headlines in 2020, we thought it about time to bring his gargantuan playing time into context.

All stats accurate as of January 20 2019

1507 - Games played

Now kicking on at 38 years old and still looking as fit as ever, Federer now has more than 1500 ATP Tour starts under his belt — by far the most of any player during the Open Era apart from Jimmy Connors, and more then Ivan Lendl, Andre Agassi, David Ferrer and John McEnroe, to name a few.

1237 - Matches won

In his 20 year+ career, Federer has a total career win rate of 82.9% on the ATP Tour — a record once again only bested by Novak Djokovic, who it must be mentioned has played 500 games less than him. 285 of those wins came in the form of Grand Slam matches, in which he boasts an 86% win rate.

103 - Tournaments Won

The area where Federer stands well above all of his contemporaries lies in the sheer number of tournaments he's managed to dominate. His 103 wins places him second in the entire Open Area, 6 behind the record of the great Jimmy Connors. His nearest rival from the modern era is one Rafael Nadal, who would need to win another 20 tournaments once Federer retires to best his record.

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Perhaps even more impressively, 20 of his 103 tournament wins have come in the form of Grand Slams, the most of any player ever.

$188 million - Prize Money

Federer's $129 million total earnings are more than most tennis players could ever hope to dream of. In fact, the sum total of all his prize cheques is only bested by one Novak Djokovic, who has earned in excess of $137 million over his glittering career.

$900 million USD - total career earnings

In addition to being by far the highest-earning tennis player ever to take to the court in terms of total career earnings, Federer should, all going according to plan, become the sport's first billionaire (in terms of US money) at some point in 2020.

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The 310 weeks Federer has spent at the very top of the tennis tree is, to this day, the most of any player ever to take to the court. Interestingly, just 48 of those weeks were between the years 2010 and 2019, with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal taking considerable advantage of some of his lengthier periods of injury.

Via GQ Australia