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The Fashion Documentaries All Stylish Men Need to Watch

By Nikolina Skoric
29 August 2018
We take a look at two new stylish films coming to the big screen – and two others worth checking out at home.

This decade, Dior and I and The September Issue reminded us just how ambitious (and binge-worthy) documentaries could be.

But aside from the two monoliths listed above, a litany of brilliant style documentaries have also dropped lately. Here are our picks of must-watch docs for the sartorial crowd.

The Gospel According to Andre

The Gospel According to André
With the number of fashion docs produced recently, it’s a surprise there’s anyone left to feature. And it’s even more of a surprise that one of them is André Leon Talley – the long-time fashion editor, bon vivant and front-row stalwart for the best part of 40 years.

This film reveals the many layers to one of the fashion world’s most enduring and endearing figures.


Finally, the first of three promised Alexander McQueen films is upon us.

Featuring never-before-seen clips and interviews with family, friends and McQueen himself, it’s a haunting narrative of an artist driven to the edge by the very darkness that inspired his genius.

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham: New York
Placing a lens over an icon who always preferred to sit behind it, this profile of late, great New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham is about as heart-warming as we’ll tolerate. And for the Instagram generation, it’s also a good lesson that there’s more to street style than likes and comments – from the man who helped invent it.

Fresh Dressed

Fresh Dressed
Think spray-painted jackets, jeans four sizes too big, box-crisp sneakers and gold chains – lots of ‘em. Moulded from interviews with the likes of A$AP Rocky, Pharrell Williams and Dapper Dan who have helped elevate hip-hop culture to a worldwide phenomenom, Fresh Dressed captures the flavour of a musical industry that’s built on a currency of being so, so fresh.