Cagatay Ulusoy Drops A New Trailer For Netflix’s The Protector

13 February 2020
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Image: Netflix

The Turkish TV star released the trailer for The Protector Season 3 via Instagram

Cagatay Ulusoy, star of Netflix’s first Turkish TV production The Protector, announced the return of the series today via Instagram.

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Posting a trailer to season 3 of The Protector on his IG page with the caption: 06.03.20 #TheProtector, Ulusoy signaled a return for his character Hakan Demir on March 6 2020, as he attempts to keep Istanbul safe from The Immortal.

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06.03.20 #TheProtector

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The trailer opens with a reflective Hakan. He looks lost and broken as Istanbul is in the grip of a new enemy, the Vizier, who he later learns is the seventh Immortal.

Meanwhile, in what is now an extremely timely plot twist, a deadly virus is raging in the city and Hakan must help find an antidote.

As well as a return for some familiar faces, we also see Istanbul in all its glory. Acting almost as an additional cast member in the first two seasons, the Turkish capital and Ulusoy’s home city again makes for an incredible backdrop to the show.

Winner of GQ Middle East’s Televsion Star award at the 2019 Men of The Year awards, Ulusoy turned the role of Hakan Demir into a global phenomenon, and has amassed over 4 million Instagram followers.

He told us in 2019 that he had already filmed the next two seasons of the show and was dedicating 2020 to working on his own projects.

“I’ve never told anyone about this by the way. Just my close friends know I’m going to shoot a film as a director. You are the first to know. I’m so excited. Just dreaming every day about it. Every moment.”

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Since then he’s been relatively quiet on social media, save for shots of his fishing expeditions.

Fans will be excited to see that the next chapter of The Protector is soon to be unveiled.

“We’re introducing a new genre to a Turkish audience,” said Ulusoy at the time of the awards. “It’s fantasy, historical and action and we’ve created a unique mixture by adding surprises like superheroes.”

Friday March 6 promises to be a big night for Turkish Netflix.