Canelo Álvarez's Instagram Is A Treasure Trove Of Great Workouts

By Brad Nash
24 June 2019
Canelo Alvarez, Workout, Fitness
If you're gonna get boxer-level fit, you may as well learn from the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world

The modern landscape of workout advice has changed to the point where, and we mean this with the greatest level of respect to the people running them, we're amazed that conventional fitness magazines are still running.

There might be a niche for full-blown bodybuilders, sure, but regardless of your goal, there's probably something on the internet that you can get for free and follow to reach it. Want a WWE-style body? Sheamus has a fantastic Youtube channel. Want to look like the ultimate athlete? Follow Athlean-X. Want to look like Chris Hemsworth? He has his own app for that.

Social media has changed the very nature of working out, and while you once had to do a deep dive on google to get the workout plan of an elite athlete or Hollywood A-lister, it's now easier than ever to workout like your fitness idol, either courtesy of their trainers, or direct from the horse's mouth.

Case in point: Canelo Alvarez. Now, we already know that pro boxers love using Instagram to prove just how 'war ready' they are by taking fans behind the scenes of their training camps, but Alvarez, who in terms of contract alone is the world's highest-paid athlete by some margin, has made a habit of using his Instagram to give viewers an even deeper look into just how he gets his body to peak condition in the lead-up to a fight, posting full workouts for you to follow along to, with sets and reps included.

Of course, it's fairly easy to piece together a workout from almost any boxer's Instagram channel and see decent results, but the chance to do an exact workout, endorsed by the athlete himself, is something not to pass up. You'll have to watch along and translate the captions to match the exercise as you go, but that's a small price to pay to get battle-ready like Canelo.

Check out some of his IG workouts below, with the Spanish captions translated. Try performing three sets of each, or circuiting the exercises for a more cardio-heavy workout.

Part of my training routine:

TRX Straight and lateral knee crunches (15-20 reps)

Medicine ball alternating push-ups (12 reps)
Resistance band crossovers in three stages (12 reps each height)

Kettlebell squats (12-15 reps)

Bench dips (15 reps)

Bicycle crunches (20 seconds)
Jackknife sit-ups (20 reps)
Heel touches (20 seconds)
Repeat each exercise 3 to 5 times.

Crunch (20 reps)
Plank (30 seconds)
Leg raises (15-20 reps)
Repeat each exercise 3 to 5 times.

Via GQ Australia