Coca-Cola Is Launching A Subscription Service

18 December 2019
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Offering access to exclusive new flavours and test samples

Anyone who enjoyed the brightest years of their youth in the 90s and early 2000s will tell you that back then, before the age of social media provided the unrelenting assault that it does now, we had to find amusement in much more trivial things. As such, the launch of a new soda, and in particular a new flavour of Coke, was nothing less than an event. We bet that you can remember the first time you tried Vanilla Coke.

Even discussing this story this morning was enough to have the GQ team engaged in debate about whether or not Cherry Coke was actually any good or just tasted like Panadol. For the record, it was (and is) fantastic. We've actually weighed up the best local Coke launches before.

Now, US Coca-Cola are  bringing back the good times with the launch of what they call the 'Insiders Club' — which is essentially the company's first foray into the bold new world of e-commerce subscriptions.

The idea behind the Insiders Club is pretty simple. While the Club will naturally provide fans with a rotating selection of home-delivered beverages from Coca Cola's current drinks staple, it'll also include access to a pilot program where customers can "get their hands on new products before they hit shelves." In America, where new Coca-Cola flavours come thick and fast (Cinnamon Coke just went viral over there, for instance,) this obviously opens up a host of new potential flavour experiences.

"As a total beverage company, we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate not only in our products – but also in the consumer-centric experiences we offer," said McCrea O’Haire, Digital Experiences Manager at Coca-Cola North America. “People want choice, convenience and customisation. The Insiders Club will allow us to showcase the diversity of the drinks we offer and get some of our newest innovations into the hands of fans who want to be among the first to enjoy them."

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Coca-Cola has had yet another influential year as a global brand, and has even been named among one of the most powerful brands to collaborate with from a fashion point of view. In the US alone, they're expected to launch more than 20 beverages over the course of 2020.

A monthly subscription, which includes a monthly shipment of three category-spanning beverages, will set users back $10 USD a month. The first 1,000 subscriptions have already reportedly sold out.

Via GQ Australia