Could Mohamed Salah Be...A Rapper?

05 May 2020
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Image: Lukas Korschan

If football doesn’t resume, the Egyptian King (might) have a promising career spitting bars

With the ongoing pandemic, the sports world isn’t getting back on the field anytime soon. Just a month ago, theories about Mo Salah having had played his last Liverpool game circled the internet. While those claims are almost certainly false, having a plan B is never a bad idea, even if you’re Mo Salah.

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Eric Cantona had acting, David Ginola makes wine. And so it is that we present to you Mohamed Salah, the rapper.

Posting this video to his Instagram account, Liverpool’s star striker makes his hip-hop debut in a surprisingly catchy track for an Exxon Mobil advert.

“I’m not here to tell about my beginnings, my life, and my story, or how I’ve become successful or how I have achieved fame. Each one of you is successful. In my view, this is the truth. You are (have) a 100 million stories which ought to be told first.”

The video features other people rapping their verses as well, but the question is, is that actually Salah rapping?

Rapping footballers is not without precedent. Both Andy Cole and Ian Wright tried their hand at music, but it’s fellow Liverpool player, John Barnes, who is now perhaps as famous for his skills with a mic as his exploits on the pitch.

Recording a verse for England’s 1990 World Cup Song World In Motion by New Order, Barnes’ so-bad-it’s-actually-quite-good performance transcended the song and the World Cup itself, entering into music folklore.

Written by Barnes and British comedian Keith Allen, The John Barnes rap, as it became known, even has its own Wikipedia page.

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Whether Mo Salah’s own effort will enter music’s hall of fame remains to be seen but, in the immortal words of John Barnes:

“You’ve got to hold and give, but do it at the right time.”