Daniel Craig Still Doesn't Know How No Time To Die Is Going To End

10 December 2019
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Director Cary Fukunaga reportedly shot three separate endings to Bond 25, and only he knows which one will be used

After months of hesistant optimism, the Bond hype exploded into life last week with the release of the (admittedly pretty epic-looking) first trailer for No Time To Die — Daniel Craig's final outing as secret agent James Bond.

It had everything a Bond fan could possibly hope for, from apparent confirmation that the film would tie off the story started by Skyfall and continued in Spectre, to 007 firing the machine guns built into the headlights of an Aston Martin DB5. Not to mention the unveiling of Lashana Lynch as some form of new '00' agent.

Whether or not Lynch has been pinned as the future of the 007 franchise remains to be seen. In the story presented in the trailer, she could simply be a normal '00' agent who's stepped up Bond's absence. As some have speculated though, she could well be the next 007 herself — which would not only have massive ramifications for the franchise, but instantly become one of the most hotly debated decisions in movie history.

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As it turns out though, it seems that even those close to the film really know what's going to happen. Back in October, it was revealed that director Cary Joji Fukunaga had shot three separate endings for the film, with all given an equal shot of closing Craig's tenure as the secret agent.

"Everyone’s in the dark, the secrecy is off the chart," a source told the Mirror, who went on to seemingly say that not even Craig himself knew which ending would be used.

One of the scenes shot reportedly involved people being gassed on a dance floor. Others have said that Craig's bond is killed on-screen — a theory that could have weight given that Danny Boyle, the man Fukunaga replaced, reportedly walked off of production on Bond because he didn't want to kill off Craig's character.

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This could obviously pave the way for the 007 franchise revolving around an entirely new agent moving forward.

All we really know about the story from the trailer is that Bond is called back into action after leaving the world of espionage behind with Dr. Madeleine Swann, his love interest in Spectre. His target is revealed as Rami Malek's Safin — an adversary seemingly hell bent on wreaking havoc with a new type of technology.

All will be revealed when No Time To Die hits theatres on April 3, 2020.

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