Danny Trejo Has Been Unofficially Crowned The Most-Killed Actor In Hollywood

11 February 2020
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Image: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney

But how long until he meets his demise in the Old El Paso adverts?

You probably know of Mexican-American actor Danny Trejo. You don't know that you probably know of him, but you do. Because you've probably seen him in just about every movie that has a hardened-looking, intimidating, Latin-American antagonist. Probably with a scar on his face or something. Yeah. That guy.

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Trejo's career will undoubtedly go down as one of the most under-appreciated in Hollywood history, spanning more than 250 blockbusters, TV shows, B-movies and short films. Plus the Old El Paso adverts that he's perhaps best known down under for. We'll always remember you, stand and stuff man.

But Trejo has slowly accumulated a filmmaking stat that, depending on who you ask, is probably far from the most desirable. Over his 20+ year career, Trejo's characters have been killed off more than any other actor in Hollywood.

The stat first came from a 'Movie Mortality' infographic published by pop culture website Buzz Bingo, which ranked the top ten actors by total number of on-screen deaths. Trejo was a clear winner, having suffered 65 on-screen deaths (from 135 credited movie appearances).

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The site states: "Some actors are an unfortunate magnet for on-screen deaths, while others have the bad luck of appearing in particularly deadly flicks.

"We used cinemorgue and IMDb to find out which actors are the most prone to dying on-screen, and which movies and years across cinematic history are the deadliest."

The most recent YouTube death reel attributed to Trejo's career is from 2012, and it's pretty long. Keep in mind as well that the last eight years haven't been much kinder to Trejo-led characters.

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Coming in second to Trejo sits someone with a far more illustrious career, but one which has seen his characters meet their untimely demise a hell of a lot all the same. Over the course of his 50 year career, Christopher Lee's characters — Dracula, Saruman and Count Dooku among them — were killed off 60 times. After him comes Lance Henrikson with 51 deaths, the most notable of which is arguably the android Bishop in Alien.

Prolific horror villain Vincent Price and Dennis Hopper came in 4th and 5th, while the most killed-off actress in Hollywood comes in the form of legendary Oscar-winning actress Shelley Winters, who met her end in 20 movies over a glittering 60 year career in film.

Via GQ Australia