David And Victoria Beckham Are Masters Of Simple But (Very) Effective Couple Dressing

18 February 2019
Beckham, Style
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We’ve embarked on a masterclass with the power couple of sport, music and style. Tailor-made to order, this is how to win at couple dressing – fit for any day, any year

As soon as someone mentions the Beckhams, what do you think of? Style, in every sense of the word? Well, you’d be right. As soon as the couple met back in the Nineties, they set an impeccably high bar for couple dressing. Ask anyone. There were plenty of iconic looks in the early days – namely those Matrix-vibe leather looks to complement curtain haircuts (huge, yes) – but since then, we’ve come to know and love them for their sharp and simple approach to fashion.

Not a day goes by where David and Victoria’s looks aren't synonymous in some way – whether they're each wearing suits or complementing each other through minimalist hues. They are both designing clothes now, after all, so there’s a lot to be taken from their shared sartorialism. Following on from Mr Beckham’s recent Peaky Blinders-inspired collection with Kent & Curwen, Mrs Beckham is showing her womenswear vision for AW19 at London Fashion Week today. So over to our couple of the week (and, frankly, decade) for some serious lessons in style. 

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Attending London Fashion Week Men’s

When: January 11, 2017
Why it works: There’s no couple who do fashion week better than the Beckhams. Back in 2017, the pair selected every staple one could possibly think of and piled them into a winning couple combo. Knitwear, slim leather trousers, old-school pleated kecks and, of course, a heck load of neutral tones. For a pop of colour, Victoria wrapped a shade of love around the waist, and both sported pure white shoes. Opt for opposing knits that complement through shade and your shared selections will be golden.
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Arriving to the Met Gala

When: May 5, 2014
Why it works: White = winner. Especially in the Beckhams’ case, who took the 2014 Met Gala by storm when rocking up in the purest styles. His and hers is a pretty perfect slogan to stamp onto this arrival – the heavenly hue looks just as stylish now – five years later. In case you haven’t yet gathered, the Beckhams are avid admirers of black and white. And to date it’s granted them nothing but success.
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Arriving to the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex’s wedding

When: May 19, 2018
Why it works: Ever the elegant couple, Posh and Becks kept it timeless and traditional when attending a royal wedding. For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s celebrations, the Beckhams proved their power couple status through sharp shoulderwear. Victoria’s cape-topped dress boded well with her husband’s three-piece suit, and they injected a hint of glam through silver details such as a buckled neckline and waistcoat chain.
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Kent & Curwen AW19 presentation

When: January 6, 2019
Why it works: Attending David Beckham’s latest show with Kent & Curwen, the couple slotted well into the Peaky Blinders scenario. Both took to dapper tweed suits, tailored to masculine and feminine vibes. As with everything, these looks are all about what lies beneath. For men, a sharp waistcoat is certain to do wonders. For women, a ruffled pastel shirt with a Victorian edge adds sophistication.
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Vanity Fair Oscar Party

When: February 26, 2012
Why it works: The key to the high-scoring look here is formal accessories. Men, hit up the bow tie. Women, wrap it up with a slim leather belt. The Beckhams showed the Oscars the best way to wear a tailored suit and a strapless gown.
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Attending the Louis Vuitton AW18 menswear show

When: January  18, 2018
Why it works: For Virgil Abloh’s debut menswear collection at Louis Vuitton, the Beckhams sat well in the setting of Paris’ Palais Royal. The couple co-ordinated with knee-length coats in earthy tones (David: khaki; Victoria: beige). The outerwear wasn't the only thing going hand-in-hand, as they styled them with loose trousers. Couple dressing tip: layer up the simple pieces for a très chic effect.
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Arriving to the British Fashion Awards

When: November 23, 2015
Why it works: How to make an entrance at the British Fashion Awards? Easy: strike with sharp black suits. The idea of sartorial twinning may sound daunting, but if you’re both tailored from head to toe, you can’t go wrong. See the Beckhams for proof, mastering monochrome complemented by patent shoes and pointed stilettos. Extra points for David's slick grooming and Victoria's up-do.

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