DC Comics Looks Set To Unveil A Black Batman

04 September 2019
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Image: DC Comics

After Robert Pattinson was cast in the upcoming flick about the caped crusader, DC Comics is planning to bring us a black Batman – someone who isn’t Bruce Wayne

It was only in May this year that the world bid a final farewell to Batfleck and said hello to the new caped crusader, Robert Pattinson.

When it was announced that Pattinson would attach himself to another bat-themed role, fans weren’t so eager to get around the young actor who, it should be said, has made quite a name for himself in a number of indie flicks that have been so obscure, so arthouse, you can practically guarantee no fan girl from his Twilight days would care to even attend the premiere.

But we digress. Fans weren’t too keen on Pattinson taking over the role because they claim he doesn’t have the build to really pull off the suit. Even after director Matt Reeves came out and spoke in Pattinson’s favour, attitudes remain largely divisive which would normally be expected, but when news broke today that DC Comics are in talks of unveiling a black Batman, many couldn’t help but wonder why they wouldn’t just do that for the movie.

The rumours of a black Batman were unearthed by Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston, who noted that the topic had been the subject of intense discussion at a number of comic book shows. In actual fact, the topic has been the subject of discussion on many an online forum, suggesting that the character will be introduced in 2020.

The new caped crusader is said to embody the changing complexion of superheroes that has resulted in the fresh and exciting takes on familiar characters and the birth of successful franchises like Black Panther.

It should be said though, that the prospect of the black Batman making a screen debut is still several years away. Instead, creators will be focused on laying the groundwork for the new Gotham City citizen’s narrative, finding a plotline and origin story that can introduce the character seamlessly into the world they’ve already created and still have the respect of audiences and fans alike.

As Yahoo! notes, there already is an African-American member of the larger Bat-family: Duke Thomas, “who made his debut in 2013 during Scott Snyder’s run on Batman.

Originally joining the army of Robins featured in the We Are Robin story arc, Thomas trained under Bruce Wayne himself and later adopted the identity of The Signal.”

But as the publication notes: “Despite his history with Bruce, Thomas will not be the character who replaces Gotham’s wealthiest resident as the city’s protector.

It’s also unlikely that it’ll be David Zavimbe or Luke Fox, both of whom wore the mantle of African-American hero Batwing for a short while.”

We can only speculate who might inherit the Batcave, but if the rumours are anything to go by it looks like DC Comics will opt for a new face, complete with a new origin and to be honest, we’re pretty excited for this.

Via GQ Australia