Did David Beckham Catch The Coronavirus In March?

08 September 2020
David Beckham, Coronavirus, Covid-19, UK, Lockdown
The footballer appears to have joined joins an ever-growing list of celebrities who have contracted Covid-19

According to reports in the British press, David and Victoria Beckham have joined the growing list of celebrities said to have developed the coronavirus.

The Beckhams are said to have developed the coronavirus in early March, while in Miami, before returning to the UK before the nationwide lockdown began.

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The UK's lockdown began on March 23 and was eased on July 4, although some parts of the UK remain in lockdown.

Beckham joins Usain Bolt, The Rock and a host of other celebrities who have caught the virus this year, although the Beckhams haven’t made an official statement about it.

Reports suggest that once the Beckhams realized they had Covid-19 they then quarantined for two-weeks to avoid spreading the virus further.

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Last week The Rock made an announcement via Instagram that he and his family had been dealing with the coronavirus, despite being as careful as they could be. This follows Usain Bolt also testing positive for the virus after his birthday party.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were the first high profile celebrities to come down with the virus. They spent time recovering in Australia. Shortly afterwards, actor Idris Elba also confirmed he had tested positive and was self-isolating.