DJ Khaled Gives Salt Bae The Day Off

13 February 2020
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Khaled Blessed-up Nusr-et’s kitchen

What do you do if you’ve achieved as much as DJ Khaled already has? A multi-platinum selling artist, a GQ Middle East cover star, a father, an actor, a celebrity sneaker dealer, the man is nothing if not busy.

Still though, he keeps expanding his resume, adding “another one” to the list of seemingly endless talents almost daily.

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Case in point? Khaled took over at the hallowed grill pass of his friend Nusret’s eponymous restaurant, and documented the whole thing on Instagram.

In the video, which the world’s most famous seasoner uploaded to IGTV with the caption “It’s my day off thank you @djkhlaed #WETHEBEST!” , we can see DJ Khaled, aproned up and ready to rock, in the famous kitchen.

Visiting Salt Bae’s celebrity studded grill for a ‘cheat meal’, DJ Khaled decided to try his hand at Nusret’s signature culinary theatrics and give the man himself a day off.

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Nusret Gökçe became a global meme sensation after his revolutionary salt application technique (much imitated, never bettered) blew up Instagram and people decided on the moniker of Salt Bae. Since then he’s made a name for himself through his flare for butchery and now the world’s biggest film, music, TV and sports stars line up to eat his well-seasoned steaks.

Since then he’s become a bit of a beefy icon and even appeared in Khaled’s You Stay, making a guest appearance slicing steaks at a party in his signature white suit.

DJ Khaled displayed the signs of being a keen student in the kitchen, mimicking Nusert’s signature meat slap. Cooking a steak on the bone using the huge flat grill, he even served his finished dish to his meaty sensei, carving the food at his table.

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Later, normal business resumed as Khaled tucked into a frankly outrageous 8-patty burger, covered in melted cheese, poured by Nusret himself.

Cheat day meal or not, Khaled earned his keep. #WETHEBEST indeed.