Donald Glover's Groundbreaking Atlanta Is Set For A 2021 Return

13 January 2020
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Image: Atlanta

Even better, fans of Paper Boi could be in for two seasons

2017 and 2018 were the years of Donald Glover, as revolutionary TV show Atlanta — which gave an equally raw, visceral, heartwarming and hilarious depictions of the black experience in 21st century America — careened on to TV screens. It simultaneously re-invented both TV comedy and TV drama as it did so, tapping straight into a vein of popular culture that people were desperate to see brought to life on the screen.

As such, it garnered 13 Emmy nominations in 2018 — one of the most lucrative hauls ever enjoyed by a TV show — and naturally, fans have been clamouring for more.

Now, however, fans of Paper Boi and his right and left-hand men will be delighted to hear that production on the show's next chapters is soon to kick off, with all pundits drawing up predictions that Donald Glover, Lakeith Stanfield, Brian Tyree Henry and the ever-wonderful Zazie Beetz will all return to screens in 2021.

While Atlanta remains something of a niche success (if you haven't watched it already, you should), its story, which focuses on the sub-quests and overall goal of an Atlanta hip-hop artist thrown into all manner of ridiculous scenarios, has become culturally iconic in the states. Our colleague in the states, Joshua Rivera, hailed it as the "best show on TV, and somehow that's still selling it short."

"Atlanta's effectiveness as a work of art isn't solely dependent on its content, but also its context," he wrote. "It's a show that, if you aren't black, constantly reminds you that you're a d*mn tourist, a gentrifier. It's one of the most provocative things I've ever seen on TV, and talking about it is the fastest way to show your a*s.

News of the project's third and fourth seasons has been a slow drip feed over the past year or so, with Entertainment Weekly reporting last August that work on both installments would commence over the second quarter of 2020.

Both seasons will reportedly be eight episodes long.

“What more can be said about Atlanta than the critical acclaim and accolades that Donald, Paul [Simms], Dianne [McGunigle], Stephen [Glover] and Hiro [Murai] have earned for two exceptional seasons of what is clearly one of the best shows on television,” said FX President Eric Schrier in a statement. "This group of collaborators and cast have created one of the most original, innovative stories of this generation and we are proud to be their partners."

Via GQ Australia