Dubai Design Week Exhibitions Not To Be Missed

By Team GQ Middle East
14 November 2018
Dubai Design Week
Downtown Design
The region’s largest creative festival returns between November 12-17. And it's free to attend.

Taking place at multiple locations across the city, this year’s Dubai Design Week is the biggest to date, with more than 120 companies participating and 230 events taking place, including exhibitions, awards and competitions, and talks and workshops.

Here are five not to be missed. 

Downtown Design

Dubai Design week

Photo by desert INK

The Middle East’s leading design trade fair, "Downtown Design", returns from November 13-16 with more than 175 design brands from around the region and the world.

This year’s fair includes “Downtown Editions”, a curated showcase dedicated to limited-edition and bespoke design, capsule collections and designer collaborations.

Under the theme of “Livable Cities”, the exhibition collaborates with design weeks from Amman, Beirut and Casablanca, and will feature an indoor garden space by landscape designers desert INK, creative pop-up concepts and industry talks by more than 25 leaders of the international design scene at The Forum.

From RAK to DRAK

Dubai Design week

Photo by Ola Allouz

One for lovers of old Dubai.

DRAK, the design collective based in in the city’s Ras Al Khor area will be conducting a community initiative titled “From RAK to DRAK” where three designers, Amal Haliq, Faissal El Malak and Khalid Mezaina, will focus on three commercial outlets from the neighbourhood.

Each practitioner will design a new and contemporary product relating to their outlet of choice, while photographer Ola Allouz will cover the three projects and more of Ras Al Khor’s industrial scene in her cinematography project, which also part of the exhibition at d3.


Dubai Design week

Photo by Ammar Kalo

Dubai Design Week aims to provide a platform for talent from across the seven emirates.

"ProtoPieces" is an exhibition of furniture designed by 12 students from the College of Architecture Art and Design (CAAD) at the American University of Sharjah.

The exhibit will showcase the complete design process, including a number of sketches, prototypes and scale models.


Dubai Design week

Photo by Abwab

“Abwab” is Arabic for doors.  And this exhibition is all about opening up to new experiences.

This year sees the fourth edition of the annually remodelled exhibition taking place within five dedicated pavilions designed by Architecture + Other Things.

Under the theme “Between the Lines”, commissioned designers from Amman, Beirut, Dubai, Eastern Provinces of KSA, together with Pavilion Partner Ithra, and Kuwait City will design experiences that further cultural exchanges. 

Parametric Surfaces

Dubai Design week


Here is where art meets science.

‘Parametric Surfaces’ by SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* combines the beauty of sculpture and futurism of augmented reality by showcasing multi-faceted surfaces made from sound-absorbing materials.

The suspended interactive installation appears as a three-dimensional box frame that creates a backdrop for visitors to experience a digitally enhanced virtual reality.