Dubai Run 30x30: How To Become A World Class Runner Overnight

07 November 2019
Dubai Run 30x30, Dubai 30x30, Sheikh Zayed Road, Running, Dubai Fitness Challenge
Never mind carb-loading, this one's all about confidence

Friday November 8 sees a historic moment in the UAE, as it’s main artery, Sheikh Zayed Road, is temporarily closed, becoming a pop-up running track for Dubai Run 30x30. And how do thousands of us celebrate? By signing up for a distance run with little-to-no preparation.

Talk in the city has been of little else as tomorrow’s race approaches, with people who get a bit wheezy walking around Dubai Mall rushing to sign up for the 10km option. Not the 5km, the 10. It's middle-distance madness.

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But with the starting pistol almost upon us, we’re here to support the outrageously ambitious part-time runners out there. No longer shall preparation be the precursor to these things. Fancy a go? No problem my friend. Dig out your gear and we’ll see you at the starting line. Oh, and here are six points on how to become a distance runner with 12 hours’ notice. You might want to take a look.

Don’t worry about carb-loading
There’s not much chance of depleting your glycogen stores until way after the 10km mark, so keep the pasta in the cupboard. Instead, go for a regular meal the night before, with familiar food.

But do have an espresso in the morning 
Not too much liquid plus a caffeine boost that spikes mood and boosts a desire to run hard. Best, and most baffling of all? Caffeine can reduce your perception of effort, making longer runs feel easier.

Get some new gear
It’s been proven that a placebo effect can come into play here. Firstly there’s the vanity-element, where sporting the latest must-have runners means that you don’t want to look all kinds of  slow. Secondly, studies have proven that there’s a significant performance boost that comes with wearing the latest sports’ tech. Tell us it makes us faster, and faster we become – behold: the magic of advertising.

Post it on Instagram
By posting to all and sundry that you’re going to be running, you’re really making sure that you’ve got nowhere to hide. Decide to stay in bed tomorrow on race day and you’re letting down your faithful following. No amount of cat memes will get you back in their good books after that.

Stay hydrated
Bit of an obvious one, but easy to underestimate until cramp hits you 400 metres in. Hydrate steadily the night before – clean urine people, we can’t stress that enough – and then ideally 60-90 minutes before the race. Anything closer and you’re into accident territory.

Pace yourself
Finally, if you’re jumping into this one with little to no preparation, then let your ego go no further than that. This is no time to be irked by the person calmly overtaking you as you grasp for breath. Run at you own pace. If, as you near the closing stages, you feel comfortable, then gradually up your pace, but a PB should be far from your thoughts on this one.