El Chapo's Former Properties Are Going Up For Sale — Escape Tunnels Included

08 November 2019
Culture, Property, El Chapo
Like having a private Narco museum all to yourself

For now, it seems as if the story of El Chapo is pretty much over. The Mexican drug lord is now (presumably) safely banged up in a Maximum security US prison, with his wife — who's been in the papers throughout his trial as frequently as has — returning to her merry business. Word is she's about to sign up for a Cartel-themed reality show, so that's something.

Meanwhile, the empire once left by El Chapo is slowly being eroded away, piece by piece. The most famous feature of his former reach was perhaps the vast network of houses and tunnels that he used to remain practically undetectable, both during his hay-day and during his subsequent stints fluttering in and out of prison as he wished.

Said houses, now very much the property of the Mexican government, are now reportedly up for auction, and they're being offered to anyone who fancies owning themself a little slice of Narco nostalgia — escape tunnels and all.

Before you go getting any ideas about scoring yourself an Escobar-esque coke palace, you might want to check out some of the pictures of the properties available. Let's just say there's a good reason they're selling in the very low six figures, and it's not because of Mexico's relatively low property prices.

The six properties up for sale vary from the relatively nondescript to the outright decrepit, which kind of makes sense given the low profile El Chapo presumably liked to keep. According to the New York Post, the most lavish of the properties: a two-story house in the Guadalupe neighborhood that served as Guzman’s headquarters for his Sinaloa cartel, is due to start at $107,349. For this, you even get one of the tunnels that El Chapo presumably used as an escape route/hiding place, hidden under the bathtub.

In all, the six homes are expected to fetch a minimum of 19.5 million pesos — the equivalent of $965,860. million USD — when they go to auction Nov. 10. The proceeds will go towards buying musical instruments for school children in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

Via GQ Australia