Elon Musk’s Beloved SpaceX Starship Fails Pressure Test

02 March 2020
Elon Musk, Spacex, Tesla, Cybertruck, Mars
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It seems the Tesla CEO can’t catch a break, after the spaceship exploded after flying off its stand before crashing

He’s delivered to the world the Tesla Cybertruck, promising shatterproof windows that failed to deliver on the day of its unveiling. Just when Elon Musk had captured the attention of all those who attended the debut of the Cybertruck, he was left red-faced when the windows of the famed vehicle shattered to tiny pieces. What many considered to be a colossal failure did nothing to stop the masses from putting in their pre-orders, though. And just like that, the failure to meet expectation was a mere footnote to Musk’s ever-increasing resume.

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And footage of the SpaceX Starship combusting to flames suggests the Tesla CEO is yet to catch a break, with the rocket’s debut being in a similar vein to that of the Cybertruck in that it failed to deliver – albeit to a much greater degree of disaster.

The new prototype, named the Starship SN1, was launched by SpaceX near its Boca Chica, Texas, assembly site last week. But this wasn’t the kind of grand debut many were hoping for. Instead, the Starship blew apart during a liquid nitrogen pressure test, with video footage captured by SPadre.com showing the stainless steel cylinder flying off its stand and crashing. It’s clear that the prototype failed to contain the liquid nitrogen in the recent pressurisation test.

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The rocket wasn’t supposed to take off, but this calamity is the second in Musk’s quest to launch astronauts from US soil. The first occurred in November of 2019 when a rocket exploded during a cryogenic pressure test.

It’s clear that Musk is facing a huge obstacle when it comes to space travel, with this most recent disaster posing a major setback to his aim of winning the space race against a field of highly competitive, wealthy entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos’ rocket start-up, Blue Origin. It’s a lofty goal to want to put people on Mars in the hope they might be able to live on other planets, but whether or not this will be achieved in the near future remains anyone’s guess.

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Although Musk certainly has his work cut out for him, if anyone could get the job it’s this CEO – who seemingly doesn’t sleep and is a workaholic of unrivalled acclaim. It’s not the first setback he’s experienced in his career, and if Musk’s ability to regroup and continue in the face of adversity proves anything, it’s that he’s a worthy competitor in the space race.

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