Eva and Robert Cavalli’s Rules To Timeless Style

04 August 2019
Roberto Cavalli, Eva Cavalli, Robert Cavalli, Fashion
It’s not just Roberto Cavalli who’s got the creative inclination in the house of Cavalli

It was announced last month by WWD that Dubai based property real estate developer, DAMAC Properties purchased the Roberto Cavalli company, after months of financial woes for the fashion house. But Eva Cavalli (wife of Roberto Cavalli) is hopeful that the company she and her husband built has always been her fourth child.

Austrian by birth, Eva is Italian at heart. Accomplishing accolades of her own, she was Miss Austria 1977 and moved onto become first runner-up in the Miss Universe Pageant that same year. She had no dreams to go into fashion, but started working with Roberto as they rebuilt the company from scratch in 1994.

Robert Cavalli (son of Eva and Roberto Cavalli) on the other hand, has quickly garnered accolade and merit as a menswear designer, himself. Though Triple RRR is a younger brand, it’s quickly make its way to the menswear forefront. Music producer P. Diddy was recently spotted in Capri wearing one of Robert’s creations. Even Naomi Campbell has been spotted wearing his robes, solidifying the fluidity of his designs. As a Florentine, the Renaissance is in his blood, designing his creations with a mix of Italian romanticism juxtaposed with British punk. From silk satin robes to British jacket military and punk boots, Robert has men’s style covered.

GQ sits down with mother and son designers as they share with us their ideas on timeless menswear.

What are your rules for men’s timeless style?

Eva: For me, there are no rules in a man’s style. I like a man who feels comfortable in his clothes, embodying a style that is consistent with his age and honing it as he gets older. But, I will say, I do love a man that wears beautiful shoes, that always makes the difference.

Robert:  When dressing, a man should always think of elegance, comfortability, Savoir Faire, luxury, and a bit of romanticism. For me, these are the pillars of timeless style.

As an Italian, what do you think the style of an Italian man looks like?

Eva and Robert: The Italian man has this quintessential charm, a special type of demure that is truly unique. Knowing how to talk eloquently in a room full of people, camouflaging between conversations to be easily sociable, these are all esteemed qualities of an Italian man. In this sense, there is no singular concept of the Italian male style. If the man himself has no clichés, then he is able to dress adequately for any occasion at any time, whether it be in Ibiza in the summertime or in Milan working the day to day.

Robert, what’s your design process when creating new collections for Triple RRR? How is the Triple RRR man different from other male designer styles?

Robert: When it comes to designing my collections, the thoughts that accompany me are very much intertwined with my reality and a splash of my nostalgic past. As with everything in my life, I draw inspiration from the three lucky “Rs” in my life - they represent my roots, my present, and my future as the first R stands for Roberto, my father, the second R stands for myself, Robert. From the synthesis of these two comes the third R, which is all about the future, a revolution.

My Florentine roots also tend to colour how I think about clothes.  The sophisticated glamour and youth of the collections set Triple RRR apart. The Triple RRR man is confident, and unafraid to be expressive – the Triple RRR man likes to be adorned in a luxurious velvet robe and is inclined to wear it out in front of friends in a social atmosphere but also can wear a printed denim jacket that embodies a rebellious flare. The Triple RRR man knows how to immaculately embody this duality.

Robert, what similarities do you see in an Italian men’s style and Middle Eastern men’s style? Do you want to work more in the Middle East region with men here?

Robert: Very similar. Both men dress with a sense of romance that I feel is lost in much of the world. The warmer climates in Italy and in the Middle East give men the freedom to experiment with exuberant color palettes and non-traditional silhouettes. Flowing fabrics are embraced. I would love to work with the Middle East more, the rich culture and avant garde lifestyle certainly inspires my work.