Everything We Know So Far About Louis Vuitton's NBA Collaboration

26 January 2020
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The Parisian house's Abloh-led assault on street culture continues

If there's one thing that Virgil Abloh will be credited for when his career is long said and done, it's that he brought high fashion to the masses like no-one before him. In fact, some will go so far as to say that he's made a name out of making exclusive clothes almost entirely to appeal to a certain subculture dominated by fans of hip-hop, basketball, and streetwear.

Regardless of where you stand, it's changed the game, and as we saw in the white-hot reception to the Parisian house's most recent fashion week show, it's endeared brands like Louis V to a younger generation of buyer.

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The marked shift in creative direction that Abloh is responsible for has, due to his position within the company, been particularly prevalent in the menswear space – one typically dominated by guys who have a penchant for more functional clothes and those who are more open to the intermingling between fashion and pop culture.

It wouldn't have been thought possible just a few years ago for Louis Vuitton, or any Parisian fashion house for that matter, to lend their name to a collaboration with an organisation like the NBA. But such has the landscape shifted, it now feels thoroughly normal.

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Much has been made of the NBA's pending launch of the Paris series – a string of regular season games set to be played in the French capital that kicked off when the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Charlotte Hornets 116-103 at the Accor Hotels Arena on January 24. Nike had already, predictably, launched sneakers to mark the occasion, highlighting the growing influence of basketball in the typically Football-dominated city.

First up, we see LV as the official trophy travel case provider of the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The case was handcrafted in the brand's historic Asnières workshop on the outskirts of Paris and is coated in the emblematic Monogram canvas and fitted with traditional brass fixtures.

So far, the fashion house hasn't expanded any further on their plans, and there's no word as to whether the partnership will involve a fashion collection. Given LV's recent history of creating products to celebrate everything from the FIFA World Cup to the League of Legends World Championship, it's probably fair to assume that at least some LV-branded merch will hit the market.

We'll be sure to bring you updates on the partnership as they arise.

Via GQ Australia